Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask

Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask

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By: Bennett Zimmerman and Kathy Kamel

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Go! Stock! Go! employs a cartoon-like "Dr. Seuss" style as it becomes the first truly user friendly book on stock and finance.

A storybook follows the Johnson family as they learn the fundamentals of stocks and bonds, the mechanics of investing, and important lessons on risk and reward. The humorous illustrated story is simple enough for children and teenagers yet is also directed towards adults and kids of all ages.

The book offers an advanced section "Let's Talk Stock" that provides an added level of knowledge for older readers. While designed with children in mind, this book is sure to become an adult favorite.
Super book! Very easy to learn about investing! Makes it simple so you come away with the ability to actually try it out -- invest in a few stocks and watch what happens. Demystifies the whole process for me and my kid! I bought the book to read with my son because he was interested in investing. He's in middle school. We enjoyed reading it together. He could have read it on his own but I wanted to learn how to invest as well. The illustrations make it fun and easy to follow as does the story. My kid could relate to the teens and I was amused by the parents. There are straightforward and easy steps on how to do the math needed -- again, making it so anyone can do this! Really a fun thing to do with my son. I'll give it as a gift too for the right kid! Something unique because it's practical too. Offering kids a chance to make money on their own! Learning a practical life skill.

- mohammed_rogers

A lively, illuminating introduction to investing in stocks and bonds for the novice. Necessary concepts for understanding the Market are defined simply and clearly. President Calvin Coolidge, whom history should be kinder to, said, “America’s business is business” and this is a very useful introduction to its "nervous system," the stock market.

- yara_gray

I was so happy when my son started to develop an interest in investing his allowances. Got him this book and read through it before giving it to him. I'd say that this book does an excellent job of explaining investments and stocks. It's perfect for a 12 year old and actually quite a good read for adults as well.

- anakin_nguyen

I gave this book to my son who wanted to share it with his young kids under 10. The basics are easy to understand and the drawings made it fun. This is a great starting book for anyone with an interest in investing in the stock market.

- sincere_gutierrez

Perfect for 8 to 12 year olds. Good information in about as easy to understand as can be dummied down. Lots of examples and graphs. Great introduction for 3rd to 6th graders.

- jaycee_johnson

Daughter loved it and it has given her some ideas on how to get to a million after college.

- linda_davis

Got this for our Grandson to start his portfolio. He’s 10 and interested.

- jaelyn_taylor

We are doing a whole unit study on finance. This book has been phenomenal for that. We have read a couple pages at a time then discussed the material. There's lots of lessons here all made very accessible for young students!

- marley_rodriguez

I highly recommend this book for 8 yrs old up. Stories and cartoons are used to teach and capture the attention of the young. Have to admit that some adults could learn a lot from this as well. I think my kids are now more financially literate than many adults.

- eleanor_wright

I bought this book to help explain the difficult concept of investing to my children. The idea of a stock being just a piece of a company really brought the idea of what they were about and it made them excited to invest for themselves. I had to explain some concepts to them because they didn't go deep enough in the book but that's my job as a parent.

- paityn_campbell

The best educational book about capital markets for children I’ve ever read. Keeps everything simple and covers the basics but touches on more complex topics such as how to calculate PE and Market Capitalization.

- reyansh_morales

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