Grey's Anatomy Season 16

Grey's Anatomy Season 16

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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For those saying it is a scam, please read the description. It isn't a scam. They CAN NOT post episodes that have not aired on the network. You are paying for the entire season, yes. You are able to access the episodes the NEXT via Amazon Prime by doing so by purchasing, so please read carefully before calling this a scam. No need in getting upset at Amazon when they, themselves do not own the episodes from ABC Network that have yet aired.

- oliver_rodriguez

For those saying it is a scam, but Amazon CAN NOT post episodes that have not aired on the network. You get to watch the shows without commercial breaks. I work nights so the only other way I could watch the show with Spectrum On Demand with ABC, which is blanketed with I swear twice as many commercial breaks than if I was watching it real time.! This is so much better!

- henley_thompson

It is not a scam. Season 16 has not even aired on live TV yet. If you read the details it clearly states the episodes are available the day after they air on ABC. Meaning Episode 1 of Season 16 will show on Prime tomorrow 9/27/19. I purchased this last year and it always comes the day after. The bonus episode available is a look back. It even says it next to the episode. It's worth it if you're a Greys fan and do not have access to ABC in any other way. I'll be watching every Friday 😁

- damian_jackson

We thought this was the first episode since it cost the number $3. It was just a 3 minute video preview. I have no idea why Amazon is charging for this.

- jewel_moore

I have been a faithful viewer from day one and I continue to watch. The show has lost too many characters and with this problem along with the creator having a lot of other/newer shows seems to have put this show on the back burner of the quality choices. It is sad to see my favorite show degrade over the years. As I said I still watch but if I didn't know the history of the show I don't think I would start watching now!

- jordan_reed

The season pass worked just like it was supposed to. You are pre-paying for each episode before it airs. ALL season passes work this way unless you are purchasing an OLD season!

Grey's is wonderful. I have been watching since the beginning.

- paul_harris

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