Hamilco papel grueso de cartulina de color negro – 8 1/2 x 11 pulgadas de peso pesado 80 lb cubierta de cartulina – para álbumes de recortes, manualidades, caligrafía o pizarra, para impresora, 50 unidades

Hamilco papel grueso de cartulina de color negro – 8 1/2 x 11 pulgadas de peso pesado 80 lb cubierta de cartulina – para álbumes de recortes, manualidades, caligrafía o pizarra, para impresora, 50 unidades

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I was very pleased with this product. I was looking for a cardstock that would allow me to construct functional papercraft products that would be durable and pretty. I also wanted a card that would be easy to use with both all of my die cutting machines both manual and electric/electronic. I found what I was looking for in the Hamilco cardstock! The price is reasonable, affordable, and should fit into most crafter's budget! I am so glad I found this paper!

- Anonymous

This black cardstock is beautiful and a nice weight, but I am missing 2 sheets. After hours of searching and deciding on this company I was happy when I received my order but was disappointed when after counting them, which I never do, to find 2 sheets missing. I only counted them because they were loose in a box - not packaged as if buying off a shelf is the best way to describe it. However, upon processing a return/replacement the estimated arrival is late April which is disappointing but understanding with everything going on with the virus. I needed the exact 50 for a customer order. Unfortunately, this is a lost I have to take and find the additional cardstock elsewhere.

- Anonymous

I really really like this paper. I bought it because of the reviews, and I’m glad I did.

However, because of the reviews, I counted the paper before using them... and like most other people, I did not receive all 50 sheets. I only received 47. So that’s why I docked a star.

If you have a project where you need 50 sheets exactly, I’d order two packs or use a different vendor for sure.

With that said, I love everything else about this paper. They packaged it up really nice so it wouldn’t be damaged. It was in a box with plastic wrap around it and then inside the box had a bit of cardboard paper to keep the box from smashing.

The paper arrived in perfect shape with no bent corners or damaged sheets.

It held up well using watercolors. In my last pic you can see it curled a little bit, but not anymore than norma watercolor does. When I put some heavy books on it overnight it flattened back out just fine.

I really like how colored pencil and my other pens/markers showed up on the sheet.

They are slightly different colors of black from the front and back. You can see that In my 3rd and 4th pic. My pictures make it seem like it’s a huge difference but it’s just the way the lighting hit it. It’s not THAT noticeable. But one side does seem to reflect light a little more than the other.

Overall I do really like this paper. It’s black all the way through, the edges are clean and sharp, not frayed and rigid like construction paper.

It’s a little thinner than a normal card, but a lot thicker than printer paper.

I’m using it mainly to make cards and pictures using watercolors and calligraphy, and it’s definitely good for that.

I would absolutely buy this again.

- Anonymous

Smooth purchase. I purchased this 80lb cardstock and it exactly as described.
It's a rich black-not the ash black that you see with other cardstock.

This paper cuts like butter with my silhouette cameo 3.

I would definitely purchase this brand again.

- Anonymous

If you make mini albums and are tired of your cardstock cracking then you’ll appreciate this product. I was hesitant to buy it, thinking it would disappoint like all the others I’ve purchased elsewhere. Well so far it’s been a dream to work with. It doesn’t crack and isn’t flimsy. It scores beautifully. I’m a messy crafter and usually get glue everywhere. I can wipe the glue off this paper without it shredding or dissolving. Really surprisingly sturdy paper and my projects look very ‘finished.’ I’m happy I took the chance and have two more packs in my cart already.

- Anonymous

Finally! A real jet black, good quality black cardstock!
This is my 4th attempt to find a real black, good quality, decent thickness black cardstock in 8½ x 11 on Amazon!
I've returned all the rest but this is definitely a keeper!
On top of the good quality and it being actual black, the shipping process is amazing, and they show real care when shipping your cardstock! No more flimsy plastic wrap! This arrived nicely placed inside a perfectly shaped box w/ extre padding so that my cardstock wouldn't be bent town, or otherwise damaged when I received it!

- Anonymous

The paper feels nice and sturdy, and the color is good. I was surprised the pages themselves weren't wrapped in the box, so I took the opportunity to actually count the pages. There were only 49 in the package. I recounted it several times just to make sure. It's not worth my time worrying about it, but that's a little disappointing. If I need more, I'll probably look for another vendor before ordering again.

- Anonymous

Just what we needed for our project. Sturdy card stock - arrived in a nice cardboard box (not just plastic wrap - within the Amazon box). We were happy with our purchase - even if it was just for an overblown Valentine’s project. Held up well when painted!

- Anonymous

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