Hanes Men's 3-Pack Crew Neck T-Shirt

Hanes Men's 3-Pack Crew Neck T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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You get what you pay for, but 3 shirts for $10, it's great quality, yes it shrinks like they all do, like anything worth $3 would. I tie dyed mine so I had to wash. Very comfy. Just buy a size up and quit your belly achin.

- preston_hughes

I'm a woman and I bought these to wear as everyday white tees. All the reviews I saw were written by men, so I thought I'd offer my two cents.

Despite what some reviewers have said, the shirts I received are definitely see-through – I tried one on without a bra and everything was very visible, even in low light. That said, they're NOT that heavy, stiff fabric so many men's shirts are made of, and they feel well-made. I machine-wash and hang-dry them, and they're holding up very well.

I normally wear a 34C, a women's small or medium top and size 4 dress. I ordered size small and they fit ... not exactly tight, but not really drapey. If you're looking for a looser, more tuckable fit, you should probably match your chest measurement to the size chart and then go up one size.

- russell_williams

These shirts fit great when I first got them. I bought a 2 different kind of Hanes t shirts. These shirts are made of thin 100% cotton and have a black printed label on the inside that says Comfort Soft. After washing on warm and drying on warm in the dryer they have shrunk at least 2 to 3 inches in lenght and no longer fit good because they are too short. The other Hanes t shirts that I bought are made of a heavier 100% cotton and have a red printed label that says “ Hanes Our Most Comfortable”. I would rate those shirts with 5 stars

- ethan_wilson

Holy mackerel are these cheap. And terrible. For me, the first consideration is how the collar wears: it’s the only part that anyone can see. After a single wash (and before I wore it once), the collar looks slightly worn, like a T-shirt that I’ve had for a year. The fabric is thin - not breathes well, cozy thin, but cheap and won’t last long thin. And the fabric isn’t that soft. It’s already a little rough. I could hope that after a few washings it would soften up, but honestly, I don’t think this shirt will last that long. Hanes clearly tries to squeeze as much profit out of this shirt - and to be fair it’s a super cheap shirt - but this is unacceptable.

- silas_martin

One reviewer on Amazon said that these shirts shrink when washed, so buy the next size up. None of the other reviews mentioned it, so I bought my correct size. I always wash everything new, before I wear it, and I washed in cold water, despite that the tag recommends warm water. Of course they shrunk, significantly. That's on me. These shirts are the poorest quality I've ever got from Hanes, which has been on a downward spiral over the last few years. The shirts are 100% cotton, yet feel like old school polyester, scratchy as hell. The feel of them is quite bad for 100% cotton. Not soft at all. I'm going to donate these shirts, as I wouldn't want to pass them on to friends, or family. And, I will NEVER buy Hanes again!

- braylen_lewis

This was one of the first that popped up in my search white T-shirts and had a way better price than anything I could find in stores. I went to Kohl's looking for something similar and they wanted to charge about 10$ per shirt! I thought that was so ludicrous. Anyway, these fit me perfectly. I am average build, wider in the shoulders than I am in the waist - most of the time ;) - and after several wears, the color has remained very white. I'm expecting them to hold up for a long time.

- bishop_mendoza

I have bought these like three times. The first two times they were great. Thin, snug and fit as a perfect undershirt. The collar held up well, the ones from a year ago still do. BUT! The 3 pack I bought about a month ago....fit a lil tighter (which was fine), but after wearing the t-shirt like two times each (wear, wash, wear) the collar was all stretched out and saggy....on ALL THREE SHIRTS! Why? I don't know. Different cut, vendor....but buy at your own risk. I already threw the three new ones away, yet still have the ones from a year ago.

- trinity_reyes

I bought these to wear underneath my white button-up shirts, and they are great. The fabric is soft and light (but not too thin) and the collar is high enough that you can't see it through a lighter button-up shirt while wearing a tie. Not to mention, they are long enough that they're not going to come untucked easily -- which is one of the main things that I was looking for (I have short undershirts). I would definitely recommend these as very good undershrts.

- ryann_watson

Beefy used to be a great make clothes and either these Tees are fake or the company does just not make the mark anymore. Small is like size XXL and there were marks all over the shirts. They shrank in the wash - good maybe?? NO ! The shrank unevenly so they are utterly useless. Will never touch this brand again!

- kamryn_williams

Not the same as the American ones.these were like tents and are unwearable

- joshua_hill

Good quality t shirts and good price

- finn_gutierrez

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