Hanes Men's 5-Pack ComfortBlend V-Neck T-Shirt with FreshIQ

Hanes Men's 5-Pack ComfortBlend V-Neck T-Shirt with FreshIQ

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I wear undershirts every day for work at the office. Whether it's a short sleeve polo, or long sleeve dress shirt with or without a tie. These shirts are perfect. The deeper v cut doesn't show underneath so I can leave the top couple buttons undone. The material feels soft against the skin. It wicks away the sweat and keeps my dress shirts dry and fresh in the Florida heat and humidity. The material may be a little thinner than the all cotton shirts I have, but I like these much better. I'm 5'9 180, a bit stocky, and the medium fit great. The length was well below my beltline so they stay tucked in all day. I'm definitely ordering more as I cycle out my older shirts!

- emery_anderson

I own other Hanes ComfortBlend undershirts in the same size, and they are not as large as this model. The other problem is that the v-neck is extremely deep (went almost mid-way down my chest), and feels uncomfortable. It may be tough to tell from the attached photo, but try to imagine how the neck hole would feel if it stretches and moves with the slightest force.

While I'm ok with the shirt being thin (it goes underneath), it probably leads to it not having enough form. Perhaps underneath another shirt, it wouldn't move around very much, but by itself it feels like a slight breeze would do it in. I also wonder how this would hold up to a washing.

I recommend looking elsewhere.

- abel_rivera

I purposely bought a name brand shirt because I trusted in Hanes. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I got it. The fabric is actually so thin and you can almost see through it. Tissue thin. As if it had been washed fifty times already. Too much trouble to send back, so I guess I’ll just wear them a couple times and throw them away. Ready for rags already.

- raina_richardson

These are extremely short. I've been wearing similar Hanes crew neck undershirts (identical fabrics) for years and wanted some v-neck undershirts so I ordered these. When I opened the package and took out one of the shirts it looked short. So I hung it up next to one of my old crew neck Hanes undershirts ... these are at least 3" shorter than my used/washed/dried shirts. Holding it up to myself, the bottom of the shirt barely reached my belt. I don't know if what I received were defective or knock-offs or what.

- enoch_stewart

I love mens tee shirts. I normally wear them for lounging or layering. I'm a 36A and ordered the medium because the smalls are usually pretty narrow fitting. Well let me tell you. These are HUGE. I could have easily went down two sizes. They didn't shrink when I washed and dried them all. I was hoping for a little bit for a better fit. I'd say I'm medium build and by no means slender. I'd recommend for the ladies to size down one. Maybe two if you want it more form fitting. Other than that. I love the material and the comfort of this tee shirt. I just wished I had a better understanding of what size to buy to begin with. Great quality and price. Can't beat that.

- ronin_martin

This is a fantastic undershirt. I tried out a five-pack and once I tested them, I ordered two more packs to replace all of my old undershirts. Here's why:

1. Soft material - I was looking for a soft polyester blend with a little stretch, and this is it. The fabric is softer and stretchier than standard cotton, but it's not the super silky and shiny feel of some (e.g. Under Armour) athletic gear. The material is on the thinner (but not too thin) side, which is great for an undershirt.
2. V Neck - The "V" is deep enough that I can unbutton two buttons without the shirt showing, but it doesn't look super deep when I'm wearing only the undershirt.
3. Fit - I used to wear Calvin Klein large t-shirts. I'm of average build, about 5'9'' and 175 lbs with decent fitness, and the medium fits me with enough looseness that it doesn't cling.

I just threw out all of my old v-neck undershirts and just ordered a pack of the crew neck in this same style.

- kendrick_garcia

I should have payed closer attention to the Comfort Blend name. I typically pick up the Comfort Soft material which is more of a cotton feel. The Comfort Blend is really soft and I am sure it feels good on the skin but it almost has the feeling of an under armor product. Just be sure that is what you/your husband prefers before ordering. I will be sure to pay closer attention next time!

- katie_rodriguez

I use this shirt for lounging or under dress shirts. The shirts do have a deeper v-neck than traditional ones. I like it since you can unbutton a dress shirt a couple buttons and still not have it known that there’s a shirt directly under. The material is thinner than the cotton tough ones. I like it. It is stretchable so get a shirt that’s just right for you. The shirt was a little longer but after reading the reviews I expected that. I assumed they would shrink some in a hot cycle dry. They did just that. They fit perfect now and the v-neck shrunk a little too.

I don’t recommend you buy these shirts if you’re worried about a deep v-neck. I also don’t recommend them if you sweat a lot. Lastly, don’t buy these if you are going to be doing rugged things. I’m sure they will rip easily seeing as they are thin and stretch easily.

- salvador_reed

I never thought I could find these for my husband being from the USA, great price and quality.

- mya_reed

My old T's were getting a bit threadbare, and since I wear them chiefly to protect my shirts from sweat, I needed some new, thicker ones. I thought Hanes was a reputable firm, so I went for these. Mistake. The fabric is so thin that they won't protect my shirts at all. If you are willing to wear 2 at a time, they might work. Otherwise, look for something else.

- dulce_gutierrez

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