Hanes Men's 5-Pack X-Temp Comfort Cool Crewneck Undershirt

Hanes Men's 5-Pack X-Temp Comfort Cool Crewneck Undershirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Hanes apparently changed the manufacturing composition of these X-TEMP shirts as their now 60% rayon and 40 polyester....totally cheapened. Hopefully you can tell how see through the low and no cotton versions are. Their partly see-through now...very disappointing. They used to be 60% cotton (made in Haiti version) and 95% cotton (made in India version) before that.

- kason_long

I had the older version of these and I liked them enough that I figured Id order some new ones and finally toss the old ones.

Like others have stated, these are thin, thinner than the original design. However, they are made just as well. I have washed them over and over, and so far there is no shrinking or pilling or threads coming out.

What I really like about these is that because they are thin, they feel like they arent there under my dress shirts. And these are great for warmer weather. I will definitely purchase these again.

- tegan_ramos

I have bought this exact same product twice from this seller and this exact listing- one last year and one this year. My husband was very pleased with them last year so I didn't hesitate to re-purchase. However, these are so thin as to nearly be see through. I would classify the previous ones as a mid-weight fabric but these would most definitely be considered light weight. We are keeping them though because he believes he may like them during our hot summers but he doesn't wear them under his dress shirts. I think Hanes in general has gone through a fabric change. His preferred underwear is no longer 100% cotton and now it is a blend - despite being the same listing as before. I'm not sure what they are doing at Hanes, but I understand they are changing their fabric types - I just don't like to be tricked into buying them! If Hanes wants to make a change, it needs to be evident by the packaging, or style, or maybe a color change. This to me feels a little bit deceptive.

- ryan_nelson

I tried on two shirts straight from the package - fit perfectly.
I washed them all on warm, cool tumble dry... and definitely shrunk up. They still fit, but they aren't as loose as when I first tried them on.

- paulina_howard

My 30 year old son wears white T shirts all the time. He sent me this link when I asked him what type he wanted for Christmas. I thought $20.00 was a little pricey for simple white T Shirts but he said these are the only ones he will wear these days. They are nice. They're thick but not hot on a warm day and they are made well. They're good for under clothes and as just plan white T's with jeans. They wash well and don't shrink much at all. They are definitely better quality than the cheaper ones I buy at mass market stores and the price isn't really that bad at $19.99 for five. My son's T's always look crisp and bright and are not at all see through. I will repurchase these for my kid when another gift giving occasion comes up. Or just whenever. :)

- meilani_hernandez

These are *exceptionally* thin t-shirts. I read the other reviews noting how thin they were, but I was unprepared for just how thin. Compared to a 100% cotton Hanes t-shirt I already have, I'd say these are probably 1/3 the weight, if not less. Granted, these are rayon/nylon and not cotton, but it is striking just how thin these are. That notwithstanding, the construction seems to be what I'd expect from Hanes. The collar is sturdy which should prevent it from becoming "crinkled" over time (a huge pet peeve of mine with undershirts). As to fit, these fit the same as every medium t-shirt I've every worn prior. In fact, after washing (hot water, bleach, high-temp dry) I did not notice any shrinking and they were about 1-2 inches longer at the waist than other t-shirts. Overall, these are decent t-shirts. However, given just how thin they are, I am very skeptical that they will last long.

- brooks_brown

Wow...I have been searching for these all my life. For hotter weather they are perfect. I like non V-neck t-shirts because sometimes when its REALLY hot you can just wear them as a shirt and they look fine. The moment I tried one of these on, I order another pack. Thats how confident I was I liked them. Thin, light, soft, and the neck opening is not snug, which is another thing that can ruin these t-shirts. Unless they stop making these, this is my t-shirt going forward.

I will stress. Most likely these are best for warmer climates. I am in So Cal and with global warming its like a microwave sometimes. In a colder climate, I would go with something 100% cotton and a bit thicker.

- ali_martinez

I was expecting the thicker X-temp shirt I had bought before. These are the thinnest undershirts I have ever seen. I price is high for such thin fabric.

They are comfortable and fit well. If you want a thin shirt you will be happy. If you want a thick one you will be disappointed.

- austin_howard

I have been using these undershirts, from Hanes, for about 15 years now, the latest ones are the most comfortable, very soft, you do not feel wearing them. They fit very well, not too loose nor too tight. They do the job they were designed for. Highly recommend them!

- jensen_nguyen

I've bought these t-shirts many times in the past, and with each year the quality seems to deteriorate further. This is likely the last time I bought them, they're very thin and the neck has no shape to it. The same t-shirt I bought 5 years ago was made of 100% cotton, now it's a blend of rayon and polyester.

- malachi_evans

One shirt arrived with a hole in it. Another was dirty (maybe grease from a machine?)
These shirts are not Hanes usual quality cotton shirts and the Rayon/Polyester mix is extremely thin and stretchy. I did not try this shirt on for fit, but when I held up this shirt, it stretched under its own weight and deformed out of shape. This was not a good value purchase.

- holland_evans

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