Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (6 Pack)

Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (6 Pack)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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Terrible product, I would highly recommend avoiding these T-shirts. I have bought Hanes ComfortSoft shirts before, and what I received are definitely not them.

The ComfortSoft shirts are supposed to be tagless so that the collar is not irritating in any way, with the Hanes logo/material/size printed on the fabric directly. The shirts I received had the shirt material and size printed on the cotton, but the Hanes logo was on a tag sewn into the collar.

...The picture shows shirts without a tag...

...The section from the manufacturer says "All the comfort of Hanes with our famous tag-free collar,"...

BUT, the description that Amazon listed says "White neck tag easily removed for tag-free comfort," yet the tag is sewn into the collar. So, clearly, these are not the ComfortSoft shirts, so both the picture and the manufacturer's description are not relevant to what Amazon ships out. Oh, and how is this tag easily removed? Well, I could cut it off and leave a short, sharp, scratchy protrusion of tag sticking out of the collar, or I could rip the stitching, remove the tag, and then re-sew it back together. "Easily removed?" Definitely not.

The only thing that deserves any credit is that the sizing was as expected, a Medium. But that's before washing, and I'm not keeping them long enough to find out. Highly disappointed in Amazon, and I set about returning my order within 5 minutes of receiving it.

- leila_lee

These are NOT official Hanes Comfortsoft T-shirt’s. I received plain white shirts made of a scratchy material that say “Hanes” and “Made in Haiti” but have no other info; laundry instructions etc. I posted a photo of an actual Comfortsoft shirt that I have and then a photo of what was sent to me.

- jack_wright

There's no way these shirts are 90% cotton. The fabric (whatever it is) has quite an abrasive quality to it, and the actual fit is odd in that it makes no difference which way you put it on; the shirt feels the same around the neck and sleeves, even when worn backwards. Probably the worst pack of shirts i've ever owned. Would not recommend.

- kira_kim

I learned the hard way that "Comfortsoft" is simply a name, it's NOT a description - this is what earns a 1-star. In addtion to that, I made a mistake in branding. I order the "Hanes's Nano Premium" shirts and LOVED THEM- they are very soft and comfortable - so I came back to order more soft and comfortable shirts and I saw this deal has 5 in the pack (the other only has two, so i have to order two and only get 4 in the order) but this package of 5, I stand to get a 5th shirt for only two more dollars! - It was all good until I received the order in the mail and these shirts are VERY rough and scratchy. So the lesson is just order the Nano Premium shirts - and "so what" I have to add more orders of the Nano Premium shirts to the shopping cart, there is no real cost savings by ordering this package of cheap scratchy shirts. Sending back right away for refund (and ordering two orders of Hanes Nano Premium )

- asa_hughes

Product was received as loose shirts thrown in a package - not in a Hanes branded package. Shirts have tags- not tagless as shown - and are NOT ComfortSoft line as advertised. Highly suspect this is a counterfeit item. Contacted seller and was advised to remove tags to resolve the issue. That’s not the point.... the point is that the pictures falsely depict the actual item. I strongly suspect this is a counterfeit item.

- messiah_ross

“Comfortsoft” ??? for get about it! feels like wearing 80 grit sandpaper, not sure if China changed were they get their cotton or just decided to go with lower quality materials and put the same label on them??? My previous 6 pack was 100% softer.

- liana_ross

I almost didn't buy these because of one of the more critical reviews. I can see where there might be a batch that were not made as well as others. However, the 6 I got were just fine. No workmanship flaws that I can find. My wife immediately washed them and dried them in the normal manner to make sure they would hold their, as much as possible, their size and shape. I ordered XL to make sure that shrinkage would keep them wearable and that was accomplished. I like these shirts, they are not too heavy nor too light weight - just about right for me. And, for the price, I think it was a great deal and outstanding value.

- maverick_james

Was really pleased with these when I first tried them on. Washed them once (cold water) and dried them once (low heat) and they shrunk more than I can even describe. Almost cartoon proportions. They now stick to me like spandex. So disappointed. I ordered large and they are now smaller than my mediums I was trying to replace.

- elisa_brown

Excellent value. I use these tee shirts for everyday use and in the gym. The advert states tagless. This is not strictly true, there is a small tag but it is very thin and it does not irritate my neck. I would prefer no tag. The body of the tee shirt is continuous with no side seams, which adds to the comfort. The delivery from overseas was in a reasonable time.

- tucker_ward

I purchased these shirts based off of a previous purchase I had made less than a year earlier: exact same description, make, model, etc. Returned the shirts thirty seconds after I opened the package as they were not the same as the previous shirts I had purchased. The material was very coarse by comparison to the "Comfortsoft" material I am used to, having worn this line of shirt in black or white five days a week, every week, for the last four years for work. Additionally, the usual stamped tag which is the only type I had previously seen on Hanes Comfortsoft shirts was replaced with a scratchy traditional tag. I can guarantee this tag would have resulted in a rash if worn as an undershirt in a high-activity (read: sweaty) environment for even an eight-hour shift. If these shirts are even legitimately Hanes - which I am doubting based on the ones I found in Walmart a day later being the style I am used to - I would strongly caution potentional buyers to understand that these are not the same shirts as were available even a year ago.

- presley_jimenez

Good athletic cut.

- jaylene_williams

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