Hanes Men's Short Sleeve Beefy-t

Hanes Men's Short Sleeve Beefy-t

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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These t-shirts are a nice thick cotton but still very breathable. The sizing on the shirt was exactly as expected. My husband is 5'8 and weighs roughly 180 pounds. He doesn't like tight fitting shirts and he normally wears a size large. The large size in this shirt fits him perfectly and even has a little more length to it than most shirts we find which we loved because my husband has a slightly longer torso and hates when his shirts ride up when he's working on things, so having that extra inch or so in length makes all the difference!

The shirt also offers exceptional color options. We purchased the navy blue color and it is very vibrant in person. The shirt itself looks exceptionally well made and durable. This shirt is truly a great work shirt that you can wear all year round for a multitude of occassions. Again, they are a nice thick cotton and not a thin shirt and is so insanely comfortable. We've washed it a few times now and it's held up beautifully and hardly shrank if at all! Definitely a quality t shirt at an amazing price. My husband is very happy with it and we would definitely recommend it.

***Update: These shirts would also be amazing for custom t-shirts, Cricut creations or other iron-on vinyl projects too! 😍.

- hayes_rodriguez

Hanes was once a dependable manufacturer. They must have outsourced their factories. In any case, now I understand why Fruit of the Loom has taken so much business away from them. I can wear a size 3x without it being overly tight. I ordered 4x to sleep in, because I like the extra room.

I always wash and dry the shirts before wearing, to get rid of the chemical smell. When I tried them on afterwards, they were very tight, as a size L or 2XL would be. They shrank at least 2 sizes. they also still had that chemical dye smell typical of outsourced clothing. I cannot recommend this product.

- aiden_taylor

This was a terrible buy. Hanes Beefy-Ts used to be great shirts for the money. Well, not any longer. The one I just bought was never worn... I just opened it up and threw it in the washer before wearing it.

*This shirt fell apart on it's first wash.* See the photo I attached, the entire bottom stitching just fell out.

Waste of time and money. Hanes t-shirts are apparently garage now. Which is sad.

The only good thing about this experience was Amazon's return policy.

- keagan_kelly

This Shirt was just what I wanted 💕💕💕
I ordered this shirt for a Customer for Fathers day. He wears a 6X and had complained out other Larger Shirts. They were either too thin or too thick, too short or too long.
I got Nothing but Compliments over this shirt.
I LOVE and STRIVE to please my Customers.

- sutton_rodriguez

I use T-shirts as pajama tops mainly. I need a T- shirt that is not flimsy or clingy. And I order big so that it will be loose on me. Thin T-shirts actually make me hotter and are not comfortable. For the past 10 years I have bought my pajama top T-shirts from L.L. Bean, 100% cotton and heavy duty enough to satisfy me. But L.L Bean now charges almost $20 per shirt. I was leery of ordering these shirts from Amazon because the price seemed too good to be true. I just received my T-shirts today and the initial impressions are 5 stars. 100% cotton and heavy enough to satisfy me.

- jaxson_ward

I ordered 1 black and 1 gray in size medium. At first they both were a little larger I would expect for a medium. Between medium and large. I washed them in COLD water and dried them on normal hear settings in the dryer. They both shrunk to a size between small and medium (smaller than my other medium shirts). This isn't bad per se, if you're between a small and medium, wash them and you moght have a perfect fit. But they're now too small for me. Also, the gray kept its color, but the black faded substantially after the first washing. Almost looks like a 1 or 2 year old shirt and it's never been worn. I'd stay away from the black color shirt. Gray seems ok. Err on the side of going to big. They shrink.

- sariyah_ortiz

These shirts are nowhere near XL. I've maintained the same weight for the last 45 years. The Beefy T used to be a nice roomy shirt, which is why I buy them. These are nearly skin tight. I guess I'll have to start buying 2X or find a manufacturer that's not so greedy with the material. Oh for the good old days.

- amiya_scott

I still have Hanes Beefy-T shirts that are 8-10 years old and, other than being a little faded, are in good shape. These shirts are worn almost weekly and are used for yard work, hiking, etc. and hold up very well.

The colors and workmanship on these are excellent and the price can't be beat for such high quality.

- kathryn_white

For the money Beefy T is the best quality and for some reason black is cheaper than colours. Shrinkage is minimal (although they do lose a very small amount in a 40 degree wash and tumble dry). I'm 158 pounds and 5'9" and a Large fits perfectly.

- alijah_ramos

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