Hanes Men's Size Tall Short-Sleeve Beefy T-Shirt (Pack of Two)

Hanes Men's Size Tall Short-Sleeve Beefy T-Shirt (Pack of Two)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I have been purchasing exclusively black Hanes Beefy T shirts in XL Tall size from Amazon for the past few years; at least 50 by now because I wear them to work and out on the town. I just received 6 more today and they are light weight, have serious stitching errors, and a long black tag that if flipped up, it would stick up past the top edge of the shirt by an inch; ridiculous, just look at the pictures. I also attached a picture of what an authentic Hanes T-shirt tag should look like and it is press on and the shirt is made is El Salvador, not the Dominican Republic where these awful T-shirt’s were allegedly made. Will return; disappointment abounds.

- isabela_thompson

i use to like these t-shirts untell they went to 100% cotton. I use to wear a xL tall but now wear a 2xL tall. They use to last 6 months before they shrink too much but now since there 100% cotton they last about 1 month before they shrink too much to wear. The photo i uploaded shows a 2x Tall washed about a month over a 2x Tall new, you can see there is a good 3 inches shrunk,and i wash in cold and hang dry my T-shirts also so its not the dryer shrinking them.i dont know why they advertise preshrunk becouse clearly they are not. You might as well just by hanes normal T's at wal mart and save the money because there about the same size after a couple of washes. Right now im trying jerzees white tees, but if any one knows of a good plain white tee that isnt 100% cotton please respond or write a review because hanes beefy T is just an over priced hanes normal T ever since they went to 100% cotton.

- reyansh_morales

I have ordered these shirts many times before and wear them quite often, they fit well and feel really comfortable. Ordered two more of the same product as before and they are not the same shirt. Not only do they not fit, the feel of the fabric and shape of the shirt is very wrong. Also with the poor quality Ive noticed the label on the inside is not the same as the other shirts so this leads to believe this is a knock off.

- mohamed_diaz

Good weight/quality. Fit as expected, just right, cut appropriately. Comfortable t-shirts, thicker than the typical Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.

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- ivanna_king

Pretty good shirts. Hes about 6'4" and 370lb and the 3xlt is a little snug in the mid section but still good. Seems like good quality material. Hes very happy with them

- heavenly_james

My husband is a bigger man and he likes his shirts to be long. This shirt is how long one should be when called a tall size. If you are looking for longer shirts, try these. My husband loves them and we will be ordering more colors. Its just a regular tee shirt but the perfect length for the taller guys out there. highly recommend!

- derrick_nelson

It has been a very long time since I have worn a Beefy-T. For several years I used Hanse Premium, which did great the first few years, but it seems that something must have changed over the past couple of years, because they seem to have lost the quality that they once had, shrinking in length too much. I then tried two different types of Jockey. Again, some seemed to be dependable, while others shrunk way too much. So, in my search for a tee that would be long enough I stumbled across these again. I am 6'2'' and about 245. I do like my tees on the long side...so that they stay tucked in. I purchased XLT...the "T" meaning "Tall" so that I would have the extra length.

-After several washes, they have pretty much maintained their length. They stay tucked in.
-Very durable.

-I have not found any yet.

Note: These are thicker than normal tees. So, if you want something thin, this is not the tee for you. If you want something of good, durable quality, then this is the tee for you.

Would I purchase these again? Yes. As a matter of fact, I have placed a couple of more orders since these first two orders.

- jana_martinez

I ordered size 3XLT. I have many 3XLT t-shirts and know that is the right size for me. This shirt is for a very slim big guy. I can get it around me and I have a little room, but it feels restrictive and the fabric will probably shrink even more. It is also extremely long, even for a tall size. This shirt, in size 3XLT, is probably perfect for someone around 6'8" and around 220 lbs.

- nathaniel_lopez

I've worn Hanes tall tagless tees for over a decade. All colours are the same size. They fit well and are made of heavyweight cotton,the colours don't fade and they don't shrink in the wash....these new ones have tags. They feel thinner,2 tees in the same pack same size but felt different. Won't be buying again

- april_evans

good quality

- athena_clark

the best tshirts around !!

- willow_watson

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