Hanes Men's Tall Man V-Neck T-Shirt (Pack of 3)

Hanes Men's Tall Man V-Neck T-Shirt (Pack of 3)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I love these. I'm a big guy, and typically get the 3x or 4x big, but after washing they shrink, and my gut is exposed. I gave these a try, and they fit me great, even with a big "beer" belly. They are very long, and after washing, didn't get much shrinkage. A little pricey in my opinion (when above 20) but worth it if you like to wear undershirts, as I do.

- zuri_cook

Bought the extra long as most of the reviews said they would shrink a lot. Not true. The first washing I did, didn't wash in hot water, husband said they're sure long. would rather have them too long than too short. Now they will be washed in hot water. He loves the V neck. Just washed for the second time and two of the shirts, the hem has come out. How do I contact seller?????

- florence_richardson

I'm only 6'3", but I have a trouble finding undershirts long enough to stay tucked in. These works great. They are really soft and at first seem oversized. Sheet a few washew, though, they for just right. I'd buy then again.

- tatum_nelson

Admittedly - I am female...but I like guys white v-necks in the summer to use as bathing suit cover up, to work out in (easy to just constantly throw in the wash...), and they can even substitute as a less expensive version of a T-shirt dress if not see through... These still seem to be slightly short even though I ordered a "tall" size... I usually can easily knot on the side and they would still be roomy...the quality is good, softer cotton, slightly see through - but I AM AFRAID to wash in the machine for fear of shrinking - totally cotton...and these are a little expensive to have shrink. I hand washed one already and they maintain their shape.

- priscilla_clark

I buy these for my husband, who would normally be a 2X in shirts because he is very tall & broad-shouldered. Unfortunately, 2X shirts are just too boxy & look frumpy underneath other shirts (button downs, polos, or t-shirts). Instead, we size down and use these tall shirts, and they work excellently, and are a flattering cut. They do shrink up quite a bit, but still fit well. I did not buy these for the blend, but more because XL Tall shirts are hard to find - but they are extremely soft and wash well, even with laundry additives that make other shirts a bit crunchy. The fit was on point as well, and they have retained shape better than expected. We'll definitely buy these again - but the price on these types of shirts tend to fluctuate quite a bit, so definitely check that before you buy.

- samira_alvarez

SUPER WIDE shirt. I'm 6'5" and about 270lbs with an athletic build. I normally buy a XL-Tall t-shirt and those fit close to my skin. This thing was like wearing a tent. All my t-shirts are XLT's and all fit the same except for these. They are easily 1-2 sizes too wide around from top to bottom. It looked like I was a little kid wearing my dad's t-shirt. Quality seems fine. Order at least 1 size smaller than normal.

- arlo_thomas

I’m a 5’’10” woman and bought these shirts to wear after a surgical procedure. They were what I expected. I use them as a sleep shirt. I bought the big and tall size so I’d have plenty of room and they would be long enough to walk around in. They hit me about mid-thigh maybe a little shorter. They are medium weight cotton and I found them soft and very comfortable. Easy to wash. Minimal shrinkage. They are exactly what I expected. I know I’m not using them for the purpose they are intended but I they were perfect for me.

- arthur_baker

It's hard to find my size in V-necks, I usually wear a 5XL Big or 6XL Big depending on the brand. They are all made in different places, so it's impossible to know without buying and trying, and then washing to see how they hold up. Normally, the tall version is cut a bit less wide and of course is longer. I'm 5ft 8in and 385 lbs, and these 6XL Tall v-neck t-shirts still fit pretty well. Of course, they were a bit longer, but not uncomfortably so. I'm sure they'll be even better after washing. Hopefully they'll shrink more in length than width. Sometimes a perfect fit tee will really shrink after several washings and I hate when they ride up, especially while sleeping, and don't cover your belly!

- james_brown

Oddly enough these are a little larger than expected, or maybe I lost more weight than I thought. I love the tagless undershirts. Good material, washed them immediately. At the end of the day the shirt is fitting overly large, but better that than not fitting.

- tristan_lee

Great for sleep shirts, was what they were bought for and very little shrinkage from washing.

- hayden_kelly

I would have preferred that the material was thicker, but otherwise I'm satisfied.

- milo_white

Hubby really liked those T-shirts

- preston_hughes

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