Hanes Men's X-Temp Performance Polo Shirt (1 Pack or 2 Pack)

Hanes Men's X-Temp Performance Polo Shirt (1 Pack or 2 Pack)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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About me: Adult male office worker. I take showers at least once per day and use deodorant. TMI? Well, just keep reading...

I purchased three 

- kelvin_walker

I read the reviews first and decided i would give it a try.
I bought this product for my husband. These shirts are excellent, I only ordered one to see first what it was like, the material is nice and soft (60% Cotton and 40% polyester). I washed it a few times and it hasn't faded or shrank, it still looks like new. I will definitely be ordering more in different colours for him. My husband loves it.
It fitted as expected, I bought the blue, its a nice colour, added a picture for you to see. It does look like the picture they show.
Very good quality for the money.
The product came on time.

- theo_ruiz

This has become my new work shirt. We have to wear either black or white at work and with me being a bigger guy.....solid white just doesn't look great on me. The shirt breathes well in the summer. I live in SW Arizona and it consistently hits 108+ degrees in the summertime. So having a shirt that can breathe helps out a ton. I still sweat in it, but I can cool off quickly once indoors.

The one thing I have noticed is that over time the shirt has become a duller black. Yes the shirt is black, but it's more of a dark black not pure black as when I first bought it. My only guess to that is because the dye is fading over the every other day washes.

- royalty_perez

I am deeply disappointed!!

Please be advised when i purchase these Polo Shirts on December 1,2019 the description read (2 pack) which led me to believe I would be getting two of each colors in one package. I made the purchase based on your description. Now the packing received only holds 1.

And to make matters worst some time between December 1 and now the description on your item have change to (1 pack or 2 pack) this is misleading and false advertisement.

I do not appreciate been lied to. This item is not as advertised and the description is completely wrong and deceiving.

Not only that, but I am unable to contact you and to ascertain the reason for this

- lailah_patel

First reaction: soft!
Second reaction: kinda big!

After reading the reviews complaining about it being "too small", I thought I'd play it safe and order a size up. I'm 5'11", 180 lb (180 cm and 80 kg for everyone else in the world) and I'm on the thicker side-- I go to the gym 5 days a week, but I also eat ice cream 7 days a week, so I'm sure it adds up.

I tried it on as soon as I got it and it's definitely on the larger side/fits like a "regular large" would fit on me. I own mostly medium shirts, so I know what a large feels like. It does feel on the longer side, but I expect it to shrink some since most of the reviews say that as well. I'm using this polo shirt as a Halloween costume, so I won't go through the simple (but still kind of arduous) process of returning and purchasing a better-fitting size.

In my honest opinion, I don't think it makes me look fat, although a bit baggy at the armpit areas. I do adjust the bottom when reaching into my pockets, but that doesn't bother me very much. Since the shirt is so darn soft, I'll probably use it to sleep/lounge when I want to relax but also have a collar-- which, by the way, is definitely on the larger side for those of you that like a snug collar. Thankfully, the relaxed fit of the shirt sags the collar and doesn't make me look too much like a turtle.

The material breathes okay, but nothing like Nike or other dedicated athletic wear. It'll probably get a little hot in the sun, but it won't be like wearing a trash bag. Overall, it seems like a solid shirt! If I need to buy another, I'll definitely come back, but I'll probably order my usual size instead of sizing up.

- lyle_castillo

These are not high quality polo shirts. They are basically an incognito Hanes X-Temp t-shirt disguised as a polo shirt. In the right environment, they're awesome! I bought one to check sizing and decided to watch the prices and buy more when the price fluctuates cheaper than usual. So far, I've bought the Neon Blue and the Neon Yellow. Both are bright, vibrant colors that pop.

Sizing: I have (in actual tape measured inches) a 42 inch chest, 36 inch waist, and 14 inch unflexed biceps. Mediums in this shirt fit me nicely.

- kynlee_turner

These polos are fantastic. They are soft, breathable, and wash and dry wonderfully. We have purchased two white and one black in the XXXL size and they have been washed an worn many times. Fit is consistent between colors and these are nice and long. The collar also does not curl up after drying and we haven't noticed any significant fading on the black polo after at least 12 washes with like colors. I don't feel like they shrunk at all either. We will be getting more of these in the future.

- zendaya_foster

Wrong size

- karen_parker

I haven't worn polo shirts in a while but I was wanting to get away from the standard t-shirt look at work. This shirt is definitely what I needed. It's very comfortable so you don't even have to wear an undershirt, and overall I like the simple style.

I did rate this as "somewhat large" because the shirt is longer than I expected and a little baggier around the waist, but I actually like the extra fabric so decide for yourself whether this is a pro or a con, (I ordered a Large for reference sake).

Also, the sewing around the button area is just slightly crooked. I love this because my girlfriend hates when things are just slightly off such as picture frames or things on a desk, so I plan on wearing this shirt around her liberally just to playfully mess with her. A very nice added bonus!

- nora_ramirez

La calidad de la playera es muy buena, no de las mejores en su tipo, pero queda y se ve bien.
La tela al ser de algodón es fresca y no se siente incómoda con el calor, y después de varias lavadas no se ha decolorado. La talla mediana me quedo perfecta, sin estar floja ni muy ajustada.
Este tipo de playeras polo me parecen ideales cuando se quiere vestir casual, sin verse demasiado informal o muy formal.
Lo que me parece ridículo por parte de Amazon es que le hayan subido el precio casi al doble, cuando yo la compré en septiembre de 2017 me había costado $229 pesos. Pensaba comprar otras de las mismas, pero ya por el precio actual existen otras playeras de mejor calidad.

- lillianna_bailey

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