Harry Potter (4 Volumes set)

Harry Potter (4 Volumes set)

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By: J. K. Rowling and Mary GrandPré

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Reading level: Ages 9 and up Hardcover Publisher: Scholastic; 1 edition (November 2001) Language: English ISBN-10: 0439249546 ISBN-13: 978-0439249546
I have read most of the critiques here with a great deal of amusement. The few dissenters seem to feel that the Potter series is contrived and predictable. Sure the books are a little on the simplistic side.... they are written for 12 year olds. I am very impressed with JK Rowling. Anyone who can write a 700 page book that young adults are dying to read is someone who deserves my admiration. As an educator, I see too many students who do not like to read and would much rather sit passively and stare at a computer game or mindless television instead of actually putting forth the mental capacity it takes to read and use your imagination. I think ANY introduction into reading is certainly commendable and there is no way of knowing how many children (or even adults) have begun to read even a little bit more than they used to because they picked up one of these books. I did not read the Potter series until after seeng the movie and I enjoyed them very much. I did not find it to be sinister or teaching dark magic to children (lighten up folks!). I have also read the Oz series, the Narnia series, The Wrinkle in Time series, and several others, and think the Harry Potter series will be a wonderful addition to young adult literature. I wish this series had existed when I was a young adult. I would have read them and enjoyed them along with the other series that have become classics. I am not a child and knew these books were not Tolstoy when I picked them up, but that did not stop me from being entertained and appreciating them. Instead of showing an intellect superior to the masses, dissenters came across as petty and small minded. I, for one, will be joining the ranks of those who are anticipating the release of the next novel and know that my IQ is not threatened if I actually enjoy something that is not purely academic (Heck, I enjoy Brady Bunch reruns too - sue me)

- dominik_diaz

All the books we're in fantastic shape they looked all new. The box set that the book were in was the only down fall of the whole set because it was in really bad shape so that's why I gave it a 4 out of a 5. If the box set part was in a whole better shape I would have given it a complete 5.

- brittany_lopez

I have been a true Harry Potter fan for 6 years now. These books are GREAT. Harry Potter books are fantasy books about wizards and their wonderful world and about a young boy who falls into a world of magic and adventure. Harry Potter is full of bravery and is one of the best characters I have ever had the pleasure of running into. He is surrounded by good and the bad but he faces it all with courage in his heart and love by his side. Harry Potter Books have turned millions of children into readers and never fail to be exciting, sad, and funny. I have fallen in love with the characters that J.K. Rowling presents in Harry Potter Books and envy them for their unique and realistic personalities. If you haven't read these books you are positively insane and you must immidiately read them or be shot. These are the greatest books ever written and I applaude J.K. for her writting that always ceases to fall past perfection.

- dakota_allen

Not much need to discuss this publishing phenomena. I purchased the packaged set in November of 2001 and have since read it several times. I have the same tingle of anticipation for Volume 5 as I did 40 years ago while waiting for the next Hardy Boys Mystery to be published. I do caution you that Scholastic has been quite slipshod in the production of these books. Volume 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is missing an entire chapter. I only discovered it after viewing the movie and seeing the dueling club scene on screen but did not remember having read it in the book...Heaven only knows what other portions are missing.
Note-Amazon.com was marvelous in replacing the defective set with a new one even though the purchase was a year old. Great customer service.

- walker_wilson

The Harry Potter books are enchanting and wonderful, and there are much better reviews of their content both for this item and elsewhere on Amazon. This is a review of the boxed set itself, its presentation and condition. I'm writing it this way because I find it a gamble myself to purchase a good boxed set. You often never know what will arrive in that box. With this one I was made very happy.
Admittedly, I was very surprised. The books are printed on high quality paper. They are the hardcovers (not first edition no) but wonderful nonetheless. Very sturdy books indeed, these will last for generations if cared for. The quality is far superior than other hardcover books I've purchased as of late -- my preferred medium for books by my favorite authors.
The box itself is very sturdy. You have to work to crush it; it's cardboard after all. The illustrations on the sides makes one proud to display it. The box supports the books, as opposed to cheaper, flimsier boxed sets where the books support the box.
The icing on the cake was that mine came with two limited edition bookmarks, which really was thoughtful. I bought this from Amazon on November 29, 2001, so I don't know if ALL the boxed sets at the time of this reveiw contain them. However, this was a nice touch I wish all book sets would include, since with hardcovers of high-quality, you do NOT want to dog-ear the pages. It's lovely to have a set of bookmarks to keep with the tomes, as it enhances the value greatly of having the entire set match.
All-in-all, a great buy for great value. If you need the Harry Potter books, definetly get them in this set if you can help it at all.

- brenda_anderson

At the time of writing this, it's just a few days short of 22 years since the Philosopher's Stone was published and began the multi-million dollar business that Harry Potter became. So what's left to say at this late stage other than I was missing these four books from my collection and I felt it was time to read them all again. I'd like to add that if you've only watched the films, the books have much more detail and are well worth a read. Plus, it's always nice to be able to savour a book at my own pace - and I get to enjoy it for a lot longer than when watching the film.

- sara_edwards

I bought these to consider for my 8 year old grandson who is a very competent reader. I love these stories. However, having re-read the set plus the final three that follow, I've decided that ten is a better age to start them. The first couple are ok for 8 year olds, though I think they would miss some of the subtleties unless read aloud, but the main issue is that the books get more complex and darker in subject matter from the end of the fourth one onwards. They are much harder to understand and the seventh, which is a terrific read, would be almost incomprehensible before ten or more. It would be a shame to spoil them by trying them too young, so I'll keep them for while before handing them to the grandchildren.

- haylee_ramos

This was the box set that got me hooked many years ago, well worth it.

- milan_morales

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