Harry Potter L/S Hermoine Gryffindor Uniform Nightgown

Harry Potter L/S Hermoine Gryffindor Uniform Nightgown

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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As expected because I read the helpful reviews. I got a size 14 for my 8 yr old. Could have gotten the 16. A size 14 I’d definitely more like a size 8 maybe 8-10. Thin, soft. Hope it doesn’t fade and get nubbies. Wish the back was gray to look like the vest is complete. Added a burgundy jumper to make it more school like.

- christian_phillips

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend's ten year old daughter and she loves it. She's worn it as both a nightgown and in public. It has held up very well, especially considering that she never wants to take it off. Contrary to beliefs among some religious groups, she has not joined a coven, started worshiping Satan, or eating the fat of infants to enhance her powers. (She's sticking to pork rinds for that)

- jewel_moore

My foster daughter is only 10 years old. She is not a "big" girl. However, I ordered the size 14-16. It fits perfectly, and she loves it. These days, clothiers seem to equate children with adult fashions. In other words, they make 'stretchie' clothes snug and undersized. Sleepwear should be comfortable. Actually, when you're an adolescent, all your clothes should be comfortable. My daughter likes this so much, she's mentioned wearing it as her halloween costume. I'm thinking about buying the broom.

Quality material and workmanship. Slightly oversized, so she has growing room. Well done....

- donald_mendoza

My daughter LOVES this! At first when we held it up, I thought it was too thin. She put it on, and I couldn't see through it, so I allow her to wear it to school. She asked me to crimp her hair on the days she wears it, and makes her feel like a little Hermoine! I wish there were a Ravenclaw one, so she could feel like a little Luna Lovegood as well, since she thinks she should be in Ravenclaw herself. :)

- rachel_patel

My item arrived on time, as described and in excellent condition. This PJ fit well on my daughter. I bought the size I thought she would be and it fit perfect. It is so cute and so far seems to be well made. I didn't actually buy it for her to wear as pajamas, all though she certainly could. She loves the Harry Potter books and story line and she and her sister often imagination play with the Harry Potter ideas as the base. She has a Hogwarts uniform cloak and I bought this so she can use it as the uniform dress under the cloak. Works perfect- really looks like the uniform, one piece so easy on, easy off, shows well under the cloak and is way less expensive than piecing the real uniform together. She loves it!

- joslyn_sanchez

I bought this nightshirt for my 9 year old because she is a huge HP fan, i bought the size 14 thinking that its going to be on the loose side but it fits her just fine! she usually wears true to size or sometimes smaller, but not on this!
It is super soft material and my little one just adores it!!!

- wyatt_harris

Purchased this for my 4 year old daughter to be worn as dress at Universal Studios Orlando. This does seem to run a little small. My daughter typically wears a 4T and I ordered this in a size 6. The sleeves did need to be rolled but the length was perfect for a dress. The material is thin but that is to be expected as I understand this is actually pajamas. We just layered it with some black leggings and it worked out perfectly.

- harry_carter

Great nightgown! I bought for my daughter to wear under her Hermione robe costume for Halloween. It worked great! She wore shorts under it, but it’s not too see-through to wear under the robe. It’s also soft enough for sleeping. It fit a bit small, so we returned and bought the next size up. I’d rather something be too big than too small.

- tomas_jimenez

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