Harry Potter Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, 48 x 60 Inches, Gryffindor Shield

Harry Potter Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket, 48 x 60 Inches, Gryffindor Shield

Posted by jack_miller | Published 7 months ago

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We throw heavily themed Harry Potter Parties at our home and we bought all of the throws in this series to act as wall hanging tapestries. We could not be any happier! The colors are vibrate...the quality AMAZING for the price.
As for using it as a blanket...I could see how some people may say it's a bit rough. But for our use...LOVE ALL OF THEM!

BTW...just saw that they now have a tri-wizard version. Ordered immediately!

- brady_clark

Bought this as a gift after reading reviews that it was uncomfortable for a blanket recommending it to be used as a rug or hang on the wall. Figured she'd end up using it as a rug as I recommended but instead she decided to use it as the actual blanket. After trying it out myself it's really not as uncomfortable as the reviews led me to believe. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world but it feels fine and it's warm. Along with that and more importantly the imagery on it is amazing and it's an extremely good looking blanket on top of a bed! I'd recommend for any Harry Potter fan that likes to keep warm!

- kyla_mendoza

The color is a little different from the picture, but it's even more gorgeous than I was expecting. I love the shiny threads that show through. It doesn't show that on the picture, but it added more color which makes the piece more striking. It's not really a cuddle blanket, which it wasn't suppose to be, but so many people are rating it one star for softness. It's meant to be a tapestry or a decorative piece. I wanted to add color to my futon, which it does a great job at. If you want a cuddle blanket, order a fleece blanket. This is just gorgeous and meant to show your love for Harry Potter.

- renata_stewart

Not as advertised. Not the same as some of the other similar items shown in similar pictures/settings.

Tried to return it and have not heard back in months. Tried again. No results, Amazons website is useless. Amazon is doing nothing to help it appears.

What was going to be a great gift turned into a lot of disappointment. I would and will avoid this product and company from here on out.

- erica_walker

I'm honestly surprised at how poorly this is made. We saw the much more expensive one at Universal and decided to buy this on sale since it was a lot cheaper. Unfortunately i'ts made a lot cheaper too. The front of ours looks like it's covered in a loosely stitched black threading. It catches on everything it's laid across and it's very scratchy. If you're getting it for a wall hanging and don't want to spend a lot it would probably be fine, but I would look elsewhere if you want to use it as a throw blanket.

- paul_harris

fantastic rug and the price was great as well, worth the money and is great quality

- solomon_kim

Definitely my favorite birthday gift! No complaints. Perfect for curling up on the couch and relaxing.

- spencer_alvarez

The print is clear and looks very nice. It's a cute addition to my bed. The blanket isn't the softest thing in the world, but I'm okay with that. It's warm and comfortable just lying on my bed or around my shoulders. It's not super heavy, so it doesn't smother me. I only gave four stars, though, because the weave is pretty loose, so it's really easy for a fingernail or something small to catch on the thread and pull it, resulting in a loose bit of thread. If you're careful, it's not a problem; just keep it away from cats.

- zariyah_lewis

this was a duplicate order made in error and is in the process of being returned. The estimated cost of the postage is about 17 pounds sterling, which is quite expensive. Is the cost of the postage refundable as well?

- eli_turner

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