Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up (Advent Calendar)

Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up (Advent Calendar)

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Celebrate the holidays at Hogwarts with this interactive pop-up book and advent calendar.

Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop-Up is a one-of-a-kind book that re-creates the iconic Great Hall as seen in the Harry Potter films, complete with a 13" pop-up Christmas tree at the center. 

Countdown to Christmas: The book is filled with 25 keepsakes of iconic magical artifacts and other elements from the films, which can be used as ornaments to decorate the pop-up tree! 

Create a holiday centerpiece: Fun for all ages! Over the month of December, create a delightful centerpiece, over a foot tall, with a sparkling tree topper and shining ornaments including Hermione's Time-Turner, the Monster Book of Monsters, Hogwarts house crests, and more!

Learn about Christmas at Hogwarts: A softcover booklet tucked behind a door in the top left corner is packed with behind-the-scenes details on the props, set designs, and special holiday moments featured throughout the films. 

Recapture the holiday memories from the Harry Potter series, or create your own, as you celebrate the holidays with this must-have collectible for fans of the Wizarding World. 
The actual pop-up book itself is one pop-up of a giant Christmas tree in the great hall. It is an advent calendar with ornaments in little boxes on the floor of the book. The Christmas tree is very well done. I have not opened any of the boxes to see the ornaments as I’ll wait until December. If they are of the same quality as the tree they will be very nice. I’ll update again in December.

There is a door to open on the top right of the book that holds a star for a tree topper and there is a door on the top left that holds the little book. It’s a very cute advent calendar!

It’s December and I’ve opened up four of the ornaments. I’m in love with this book. The ornaments are crazy cute and pretty sturdy. They are a glossy cardboard or card stock.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read on if you don’t want to know what the first four ornaments are ....

Ok so far the ornaments have melted my heart. They have so far told the story in the first book and I’m loving it.

Day 1 - Hogwarts Letter
Day 2 - Hogwarts Express
Day 3 - Chocolate Frog like Harry had on the train
Day 4 - The Hogwarts House Crest

I won’t update anymore, just know that out of the three HP advent calendars I have, this one is my absolute favorite!

The other two I have are the LEGO one and the Funko one.

- brycen_james

I’ve purchased pop up advent calendars before (last year we had the Eric Carl one) so I know that it’s usually cardboard items to hang on a foldable tree. This is exactly what I was expecting, but with a much nicer weight to the tree and ornaments and the overall construction is nicer than other advent calendars of similar design. I believe other reviewers will find the book behind a door in the upper left of the spread. Looking forward to this small way of adding Hogwarts into our advent celebrations this year!

- jayceon_gonzales

Was amused by some of the other reviewers saying there was no 96-page booklet...it is under the “floor” in the upper left when the Great Hall is opened to reveal the tree. This is a great addition to any Harry Potter collection...you can decorate the tree with the 25 hidden ornaments...one for each day leading up to Christmas...such fun for Potter lovers of all ages... buy it for yourself or someone you love!!!

- amelia_davis

It’s AMAZING! So well made, it will lasts for years to come! Such a special advent calendar for HP lovers. Since so many people said they didn’t get a booklet, I attached a photo of where it is hidden in case people are missing it. I really recommend this as an amazing gift. I seriously can’t get over how much I love it.

- rosalie_scott

This isnt a book, its an advent calendar and it doesnt come with the soft cover book as stated by others and is mentioned in the description. Its not magical and it just generic Harry Potter stuff reskined and sold to the unsuspecting Potter heads out there.. Dont bother their isnt anything unique about this calendar and not worth the price.

- bennett_thompson

I also did not know this was an advent calendar but I love it! It's BIG and extremely well made. Love all the little ornaments with their little gold cords hidden behind the doors! I can't understand why some people are so put off by the fact that it's an advent calendar. We do not celebrate Christmas, but we do celebrate Winter Solstice and I'll adjust the timing accordingly. I am going to really enjoy decorating my Hogwart's Tree this year. Also, the little book is adorable too. It sounds like some people aren't even bothering to discover where it's hidden in their rush to complain. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you'll love this pop up "book"!

- muhammad_rogers

Pretty disappointing that there was no soft book included. The pop up is well done but anti-climactic and minimal for the price. I love all things HP but this fell kind of flat.

- aurora_gomez

It’s definitely not a book. It is an advent calendar. Don’t get me wrong, the art is gorgeous, which is why I gave it two stars. I just think it’s overpriced for a pop up Christmas tree calendar with paper ornaments in it. I am returning this as it’s not that much more for the Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar. There is a small book inside of one of the tabs, but the description is definitely misleading. $30 or more seems like a lot to spend on this!

- mark_williams

I absolutely love this Harry Potter advent calendar. I did get this after the 1st December but I just opened 9 days straight off. This is a beautifully designed book that once you open it reveals a Christmas tree on which to hang your Potter related ornaments once you open each door. There is a little book hidden in a flap to the right of the tree ( see my photo). This book gives you snippets of info on Christmas related Harry Potter occasions. For example the Yule Ball or Christmas at the Burrow. The second half of the book tells you what is in each door which is a good plan when you want to pack it away after Christmas. It also gives you a bit of info about each ornament. For example the Gryffindor crest tells you the attributes you need to be a Gryffindor, who the head of house is etc. You can read this as you go along. It’s got a nice cover that keeps everything protected and is beautifully illustrated. I would definitely have given this five stars if the flaps themselves on the doors didn’t have a tendency to peel apart despite being very careful when opening them. For this reason you may have to supervise young children. I will have to get a bit of glue and stick them back together. Having said that and removed a star because of this I still love it, will have it displayed every year and as a Harry Potter addict I’m so glad I bought it. For a real fan it’s a must and next year I can start it on the first of December.

- ryker_walker

Really glad I ordered this Advent Calendar, always on the look out for something special Advent wise at Xmas, and this pop up book does not disappoint, especially being a Harry Potter fan, will be looking after this calendar for many years to come. it is a good sturdy book, and very nice the contents (had a quick peek) are good, the only grape is the star not brilliant they could have made more of an effort.

Only point to mention - there was according to the sheet attached supposed to be a 96 page soft cover booklet, there wasn't, dont know if there was suppose to be, or just an publishing error.

Still I am on this occasion willing to ignore this, as I say, I didn't know there was suppose to be one, would have been nice if there was - but I brought this item purely as an Advent Calendar.

- maverick_james

Like others, a little disappointed, since I ordered it on its release date, hoping I'd have it well before December 1st and it's only arrived today (December 19th) but apart from that, it's a absolute beauty of a book. We found the hidden booklet :-) The decorations look lovely and the book can be displayed year after year!

- athena_clark

I like because it's different and I like some of the picture too !

I wished that the Knight bus was one instead of Dobby sock. [Sorry Dobby fans].

- paul_harris

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