Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book

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By: Lucy Kee , Bruce Foster , et al.

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This collectible Harry Potter pop-up book, based on the creative development of the films, features exquisite original artwork by Andrew Williamson, concept artist for all eight movies. With dynamic pop-ups animating memorable moments and locations — like the Triwizard Tournament, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts Castle — Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book offers a 3-D glimpse into the amazing world, as seen in the films.

This deluxe book will delight Harry Potter fans with dynamic pop-up ingenuity, insights from the creative team who turned JK Rowling’s stories into movie magic, fascinating facts about the magical universe seen in the movies, and Harry Potter memories and memorabilia packed into every page.
I think this is pretty neat, but it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I paid seven dollars for this (new, hardcover, including shipping) through a third party seller. Had I paid Amazon's price of 25 dollars (never mind the retail of 35), I would have been rather disappointed. I gave this book four stars based on a price around 10 dollars or so. Any more than that, and I would have left three.

Things I like:
- The artwork was nicer than I expected, given the cheesey cover. The characters within look much less cartoonish than you would expect, and I quite liked that.
- It comes with a ministry envelope with three small posters (Undesirable Number One, a death eater warning, and a picture of the cover art) and a mini pop-up howler.
- The information talked about is interesting and not too well known, except to people that have watched most/all of the behind the scenes footage and documentaries.
- Several of the scenes (Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest) are really engaging.

Things I don't like:
- There are only five scenes with pop-ups. (The first is Dumbledore's office, but all it has is the ministry envelope and the howler.)
- The scene for the Triwizard challenge and the graveyard scene are rather plain and unexciting. The dragon in the Triwizard scene looks... strange. The positioning is weird.
- The art is good, but the pop-up quality is only so-so. The castle especially sticks and doesn't open up right. I have to fiddle with it, and even then it still seems a little off.
- The numbers for the legend are really hard to see. I understand that they didn't want them to stand out and be distracting, but I genuinely couldn't even find some of them.

All in all, it was nice to look at, but it's a quick read. I have seen a few other adult (ish) pop-ups that retailed around the same price, and I expected it to be like those, so perhaps that's why I was a little let down. I imagine a young child would destroy this rather quickly, so I don't know that this would be a good gift for really young fans. I would highly recommend checking out the prices of third party sellers through Amazon, to get a more reasonable price. I'll probably prop this open next to my other HP things, probably on the Hogwarts or forest scene.

- bennett_thompson

I was pretty impressed looking through it once, after that there's really no need to look at it again. This is probably something that a fan would collect, maybe look at it once and put it on a shelf. The only thing that was awkward is that it was a gift for a fan, and it was very obvious that someone had opened the wrapper, looked through the book, and then either returned it or shipped it. I tried to fix it as best I could, I didn't have time to return it and buy it again. I wish I had picked it out at a store instead so I could make sure it was intact or sealed so it didn't look used. They said they didn't mind but I was pretty embarrassed.

- estelle_price

Pretty disappointed. I got it and the cover has two tears and there was some tape trying to fix one of them. I actually had to check to see if I purchased this open box. Nope. The contents are fine and the pop ups are awesome, but when I pay $20 I expect a little more.

- kolton_mitchell

Would recommend this product. Great pop ups. Purchased this for my Harry Potter obsessed niece. She had never seen anything like it. Lots of facts and information.

- bristol_chavez

This book is gorgeous and so exciting to see everything come to life as you open the page. I apparently didn't read well enough and was pleasantly surprised to see that it came with three posters! I also didn't read that it has little things to open on the bottom of each page so that was neat. The little tidbits aren't all that interesting actually but I did learn a couple new things. The pop up aspect is what you're really buying the book for anyway. Some of the pages were kind of sticky at first and didn't want to open correctly or all the way. I ripped the dragon page by accident because it wouldn't even open 90 degrees at first and I couldn't figure out where it was stuck. But other than that, this is really fun to look at and I think I'll order a second for my coworkers 6yo daughter for Christmas.

- zavier_cook

I collect a lot of pop up books and this book is way at the top!! An absolute must for every Harry Potter fan!!

- evie_carter

The price was too good to be true. The book was missing the 1st pop-up page (luckily my kids didn't know it was supposed to have one), and there was significant damage on the dragon art (literal masking tape held the form together).

- jayden_sanchez

This is the perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life. And it makes a great coffee table book!

- bentlee_king

Excellent book with numerous beautiful and moving pictures. You can just watch a lot of details, you can play scenes from the movie! I'm a longtime lover of Harry Potter. I made myself a gift - I bought this book!
Great thanks to the seller: momox co uk

- vienna_foster

Fantastic book and lovely paper engineering. Lots of smaller openings on the pages of the main pop ups depicting other parts of the HP story. Lost a star as one of the smaller pop up sections wouldn't open properly and was slightly damaged. I was very careful with the book and never force the pop ups so was disappointed that this one wasn't fully operating. Maybe just unlucky with mine. Book itself lovely and would recommend to any HP fan or pop up book fan. If you want to see it in action there's a great pop up book channel on YouTube that shows this and lots of other different pop up books page by page.

- trevor_murphy

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