Harry Potter: A Sticker Collection

Harry Potter: A Sticker Collection

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Covering all eight films Harry Potter: The Sticker Collection is the exhaustive must have-sticker omnibus for true Harry Potter fans.

More than 400 unique stickers from the Harry Potter™ film series! Harry Potter: A Sticker Collection is the first sticker book to include reusable stickers of characters, creatures, and magical items from all eight movies in the Harry Potte film series! Also included are photographs from Years 1 through 7 at Hogwarts and artwork depicting important wizarding locations such as Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the Ministry of Magic. This sticker collection can be used to relive your favorite Harry Potter moments and to decorate your locker, room, or notebook with Harry Potter movie magic. Included are stickers of: Harry, Ron, and Hermione VoldemortTM and the Death Eaters Magical Transportation Order of the PhoenixTM Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Magical Beasts, Creatures, and Beings Triwizard TournamentTM QuidditchTM . . . and much, much more!
 OMG this is soooooo much. Etter than I thought it would be. My granddaughter will flip out when she opens it. It is NOT flimsy like some sticker books. The cover and back are very sturdy. There are so many stickers and picture pages to put them. My mind was blown with excitement.

- jaylene_williams

This turned out to be so, SO much better than I had expected! TONS of stickers, even some movie stills - honestly a great sticker book.

The only two things that bother me are that it does have a strong chemical smell, so I'll have to let it air out before I can use it; and there are some characters that I felt were very much underrepresented, such as Severus Snape in particular. Also wish there had been more house-specific stickers - there's only half a page or so for all of them together. I would've liked a whole page per house since the book definitely has a ton of pages. Otherwise seriously a GREAT buy at $9.57/each with Prime shipping.

- heidi_murphy

I purchased this for a scrapbook that I was making. It is so hard to find Harry Potter stickers! It is kind of unfortunate that I had to settle for purchasing a book of hundreds, versus 5-7, like what I needed. Anyway, this sticker book got the job done! One thing that I did not like about it is that all of the stickers have a 1/8 inch white ring around them. That is the only reason I have it four stars instead of five. I would have preferred that the sticker end at the edge with no white. That being said, I would definitely recommend to those Harry Potter lovers out there for your crafts!

- mary_sanchez

Other reviewers had stated that this sticker book smelled like chemicals, and they were right—it’s pretty overwhelming. I thought airing it would get rid of the odor, but it didn’t. I bought it because I couldn’t find any other Harry Potter sticker books (and I’ve bought many sticker books for my granddaughter over the years, never with this problem). The stickers are nice, and there’s a lot of them, but she doesn’t like the chemical smell, and doesn’t use it very much.

- jaiden_jones

The only thing that’s i don’t like about these stickers is that they all have white borders around them. They are great quality and there’s so many different stickers, you can decorate an entire notebook with such obscure things no one who isn’t a huge fan would even know it’s Harry Potter!

- brenna_sanders

This contains a HUGE variety of stickers! My only gripe is that the stickers do have an outline, but for the price and the variety, you really can't complain.

- scarlett_moore

These stickers are awesome. Any Harry Potter fan who scrapbooks, journals, notebooks, uses planners, etc should grab a couple of these books. Amazing stickers, with all kinds of variety. They are high quality, good adhesive, and have an amazing variety inside. The pictures are good enough to cut out and frame or stick on walls. These are great gifts for any fan, and they are a lot of fun for just about anyone who uses stickers for anything.

- tinsley_torres

I can't believe how cheap this sticker book is especially with 400 stickers I'm just Harry Potter it is awesome!

- connor_parker

This sticker book is wonderful. It contains so many well made, colour stickers and some lovely full page art work. It's definitely worth buying.

- elianna_miller

This is a must for any HP fan. Bought it for my granddaughter to enable her to cover her books & tech etc. Contains an awful lot of stickers. Very good value & one very happy young lady! Would recommend.

- brendan_thomas

Absolutely amazing! As a Harry Potter fan who’s very into art this is perfect. Comes with everything you could imagine and more! Perfect value and great quality, no words to describe how amazing this really is

- maria_hernandez

I myself am not big fan of Harry Potter but this is jam packed and will go to my niece who is a big hop fan! Just thought I would add the stickers are fiddly to remove. But otherwise a lovely book.

- christopher_nguyen

My granddaughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and was thrilled with this sticker book. Good value, lots of stickers, would recommend.

- sullivan_foster

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