Harry Potter: Slytherin (Tiny Book)

Harry Potter: Slytherin (Tiny Book)

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Explore the cunning house of Slytherin with this collectible tiny art book featuring facts and art from the Harry Potter films.

Go behind the scenes of the beloved Harry Potter films and discover all things Slytherin! Meet famous—and infamous—students and staff, explore key locations like the Chamber of Secrets, and learn everything there is to know about the house known for its cunning, ambition, and connection to the Dark Arts.

One of a new line of collectible pocket-size art books on the Harry Potter films, this book about Slytherin house features exciting artwork and behind-the-scenes facts in a fun, readable miniature size. Fans can choose their favorites or collect them all!
EXTREMELY TINY. It’s a 1/3 size of my hand and I have tiny hands. I mean the book is cute but definitely not worth the prize.

- ari_smith

I bought this when it was on sale for half the price because to be honest $10 plus whatever more is added is to much for this. I guess it doesn't have anything you couldn't find on Wizarding World app but I had to have it. A true fan of JK Rowling world would definitely enjoy it I definitely recommend it.

- callie_mendoza

I am going to use this tiny book as a topper for a Harry Potter gift. It is tiny and you are gonna need some good eyesight to read it. It fits in the palm of your hand but like I stated it just to finish off a gift.

- matthew_thomas

I knew these were small but they are kind of pointless. Unless you want them for a doll. Otherwise they are just material found in a bunch of other books. Save your money. 2 stars just for the usefulness for dolls and the quality.

- joslyn_sanchez

This is an adorable little gift.
It was smaller than I expected, but that was honestly my bad. I had thought it would be as big as my hand, not a small trinket that would fit in the palm of my hand. But it is thick, cute and comes with a little booo jacket. It’s very nice and my slytherin bud loved it!

- erika_cruz

Book is very small but packed with behind the scenes info and pictures.
Harry Potter fans will love it! Hope they do one for all 4 houses.

- braelyn_cooper

Tiny boka are stupid. You cant even read it. Would be better if it was larger.

- alisa_mendoza

It's cute but it's only just over an inch in size they should have called it a micro-mini book!

- aadhya_lopez

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