Harry Potter: The Postcard Collection

Harry Potter: The Postcard Collection

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Celebrate your love for The Boy Who Lived with this deluxe set of one hundred unique postcards featuring art and photography from the beloved HARRY POTTER™ films.

The HARRY POTTER™ series continues to enchant and inspire fans around the world. Now Harry Potter fans can share their love with this boxed postcard set, featuring gorgeous concept art and film photography, perfect for decorating, scrapbooking, or sharing with friends.

This deluxe boxed postcard set features one hundred unique designs and comes packaged in a sturdy keepsake box for easy storage and display.
Finally, the Harry Potter postcard box set we've wanted for ages!

This is a great set of 100 movie-related Harry Potter cards. Included are 92 stills from the movies, plus posters from all 8 movies. The set is in chronological order, beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and ending with the last Deathly Hallows movie.

The breakdown per movie is:
Sorcerer's Stone: 11
Chamber of Secrets: 12
Prisoner of Azkaban: 11
Goblet of Fire: 12
Order of the Phoenix: 17
Half Blood Prince: 13
Deathly Hallows I: 12
Deathly Hallows II: 13

There are some real gems in here, like the wanted poster for Sirius Black, what looks like a Malfoy/Black family portrait, Luna in her lion hat. But there are some clunkers too-- blurry images like the stills were grabbed while a character was in motion, or the image wasn't well chosen (for instance an object in the foreground).

Other than the few not great images, my other disappointment with the set is that there is no description on the back of the cards of the scene being depicted, or even what movie the image is from. This might be confusing or disappointing for more casual fans, but won't be a problem for hardcore HP enthusiasts. Technical stuff aside, the cards are a great weight and have a divided back, but no predrawn address lines. Where the stamp(s) will go is an image of a dark mark (on all cards depicting Death Eaters), Hogwarts crest, phoenix, or owl.

I'm thrilled to have a box set like this for Harry Potter, and even with the slight drawbacks I mentioned, this is still a solid 5-star box.

- damari_myers

Box includes a card of the poster for each movie and then 92 movie stills.
I knew it was movie based, so I wasn't expecting book cover art or anything, but I was hoping for some storyboards, sketches, or other things related to making the movies.
To top it off, a lot of the images are just plain bad.
Blurry or random moments, or both.
It reminds me of the crappy candid photos I took with disposable cameras in elementary school.
I was psyched for these (even pre-ordered) and I'm super disappointed.

- maximilian_murphy

these are fabulous - no idea what the one negative review is talking about. The storyboards and sketches you usually get in these big sets are the WORST cards - who the hell do you send those too. These are sturdy and good quality. Great for Potter obsessed post crossing peeps --- I highly recommend

- mckinley_torres

I definitely should have listened to the negative reviews from previous reviewers before ordering this item. The movie stills (which make up most of the cards) are totally random and aren't even from particularly good scenes. They are blurry and don't look like professional movie stills, which is what made me rate them a 2/5 stars. Some of them are so bad you can't even tell that they're from a Harry Potter movie. Also, the images disproportionately picture the evil characters.

The only good thing is that they're nice and thick.

- braelyn_cooper

I think I might just get another one of these- 1 to share and one to keep. The postcards go sequentially through each of the movies. Almost every postcard is a still from a movie, and I love them all. Well worth the price.

- samuel_lee

Im not sure what the other reviews are talking about when they say the images are blurry. They’re perfectly still and the post cards are such great quality. One thing I love about these postcards is that the back of the cards with images of death eaters on them have a dark mark logo. Super happy with the purchase!

- deborah_kelly

This collection arrived in a cute collectable box. The 100 postcards are arranged in order of the movies. The crest on the back where the stamp would go is a very nice touch. I love these and would recommend them to any HP fan. I took them out of the box and arranged them in a 3 ring binder (like most of my postcard collection) Because they were in order, it saved me a lot of time!

- paxton_garcia

Fewer than 12 of these postcards are good pictures. The rest barely even look like professional stills from the movies; some are blurry, many are just plain ugly.

- elliott_reyes

Always loved postcads, so the combination of postcards and Harry Potter was a great product idea. The box itself - what the postcards are stored in - is excellent. It goes well with the "physical Harry Potter books". The postcards themselves are of good quality too

- brandon_wilson

Hello, I am very pleased with this seller, my purchase is amazing, quality cards, delivered very quickly indeed, packaged well, thank you very much from a delighted customer, kind regards Diana Owens 😀⭐️🌈

- maxine_kelly

Utterly brilliant postcards! Worth it for any serious Potterhead!

- ruben_taylor

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