Heartsong: A Novel (Debbie Macomber Classics)

Heartsong: A Novel (Debbie Macomber Classics)

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By: Debbie Macomber

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One of beloved author Debbie Macomber’s classic novels, this is a heartwarming story of hope and possibility.
Skye Garvin treasures her work as a volunteer in the pediatric ward of the local hospital. Bringing even a small amount of joy to a suffering child—whether through her playful attitude or her gift for music—is a blessing that Skye cherishes. But due to overcrowding, her favorite young patient’s new roommate is an adult—a man who catches Skye completely off guard. Despite his gruff exterior, Skye is compelled to help the unnerving man. But the old scars of personal tragedy—and a fundamental difference of faith—might undermine Skye’s chances at a happy ending.
Jordan Kiley can’t imagine anything more frustrating than his current situation. A car accident has left him confined to a hospital bed, his arm painfully pinned in traction. He can’t even feed himself. But when he first lays eyes on the beautiful volunteer, he knows there are far greater challenges awaiting him. Astutely, he senses that Skye’s sparkling wit hides a heart that has been unbearably broken. And Jordan has deep secrets of his own. Can he convince Skye that she is worthy of love—and earn her heart in the process?

BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Debbie Macomber's Last One Home.
“It’s impossible not to cheer for Macomber’s characters. . . . When it comes to creating a special place and memorable, honorable characters, nobody does it better than Macomber.”—BookPage
I was not surprised that your first book would include Sky's attitudes regarding her love for God and His many blessings. It shows in your wonderful books continually. I gratefully enjoy your characters, their personalities and " happy endings." Thank you for sharing it all!

- brayan_williams

Similarities in home and different authors do not always bring the memory out of a book already read. I try to write reviews so I don't repeat books. Good story with conflicts of life challenges with a twist.😊 on to another!

- kye_morales

This book was originally published in 1984 and the story is typical for that era. It seemed to be more of a sermon to invitation to join Christianity than a love story. A volunteer and teacher at a San Francisco hospital falls in love with a wealthy man and their relationship is hampered by lies and, supposedly, his lack of religious intent. But she was not honest about her identity and he was not honest about his. She was not honest about why she broke the engagement and did not return until he accepted her faith. I found it very hypocritical in its approach and was not very comfortable with the story at all.

- juliette_miller

I have read other Debbie Macomber books and have enjoyed them, but this one was too predictable, character development was in spurts, and all in all disappointing. I don't have any objection to Christian books, as I am a Christian, but this one was too heavy-handed and not what I thought I ordered. I never read reviews by others, but this time I wish I had. A waste of time, when there are so many well-structured books out there to read with interesting characters that develop with the story and are also believable.

- tara_james

I would highly recommend this wonderful story to anyone. I greatly enjoyed this heartwarming story with its twists and turns. I liked the spiritual side too.

- maison_gutierrez

I agree with a previous reviewer, this should have been listed under Christian literature...if it could be called literature.
I find it impossible to believe that anyone, even a Christian, could be as naive as Skye. Especially considering the fact that she'd been married once before.
I realize that reading fiction should take us away from our everyday lives, and be somewhat of a fantasy...but this one was just too sappy to get interested in.
Since this was one of Macomber's first books, if not the first, I'm surprised she ever got another book deal.
Sadly disappointed.

- alexia_lopez

I liked it that there were no graphic love scenes. In most romance novels, that seems to be of paramount importance.
I did not like that Skye lied about her undying love for Glen in order for her to break off with Jordan. She was so big on honesty from him, and she was even more dishonest and outright lied to Jordan. I don't call that a Christian action. And she was so big on being a follower of Christ. I don't think Christ would have approved of her lying. Of course, it gave the book another twist and that apparently was the intention of Ms Macomber. But a different twist would have been preferred, so that Skye could have been true and consistent in her religious beliefs.

- kayden_ross

I am nit quite sure what the title ha I do with the story. It could work for any romance, however it may relate to the choir the main the fact that the heroine was in the church choir and as g to patients as part of her volunteer work at the hospital and in the church choir. The conflict revolved around a man falling in love with her a d her inner conflict about living and trusting someone again after a man has said he lived her was unfaithful.

- karter_wood

Come on Debbie, we expect better. The heroine is a committed Christian, nothing wrong with that but her faith is rather rammed down ours and her love interests throat. If I were the hero, Jordan, I would dump her and fast. Skye, the heroine is too sickly sweet. I skipped several pages. Certainly not one of Debbie Macomber's best

- camila_thompson

Having read most of the Blossom Street series and all if the Cedar Cove series, I thought I'd try this. I have to say, even though the story was ok I have enjoyed other books by Debbie Macomber more. Almost like she's got better with time. Still a good story though, but not one that leaves me wanting to know; what happened after that....
If this had been the first book I'd read written by Debbie, I don't know if I'd have tried another.

- jerome_cruz

Interesting to see how much Debbie Macomber has improved on her style of writing since this novel. I still enjoyed this tho and can would reccomend.

- finley_collins

Like all of Debbie Macomber books it's was a good read from start to finish This was Debbie's first book you can see how much her books have improved . Love it .

- kendra_walker

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