Henry Ford

Henry Ford

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By: Ilandai Su Ramasamy, Abdul Jabbar, et al.

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An audiobook in Tamil language.

Henry Ford introduced assembly line manufacturing to the world. His little booklet on inventory management - on what is today known as Just-in-Time management - is the bible that has made Japanese car manufacturers the most efficient in the world.

Henry Ford knew the consumer better than most. He applied his theories of car manufacture to develop excellent production systems that gave customers the best value for their money. He constantly thought about making life easier for common people. The tractor was an outcome of this preoccupation with labor reduction and increasing human efficiency. He respected experience and expertise more than academic qualifications. He created extraordinary performers from simple workers by giving them the best training and opportunities possible. He was a dictator at the workplace - but a benign, caring dictator.

Henry Ford reached the very pinnacle of his field in a lifetime of enterprise and action. The name of Ford was synonymous with cars for a long time in America. This audiobook presents a fascinating account of the life and times of this extraordinary individual.

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