Henry Ford's Boys: The Story of the Wayside Inn Boys School

Henry Ford's Boys: The Story of the Wayside Inn Boys School

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By: Alison Ridley, Curtis F. Garfield, et al.

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Henry Ford demonstrated a lifelong passion for education. "Learning by doing" was the hallmark of all his vocational education enterprises. As reported by a descendant, William Clay Ford, Jr., in October, 1998, "...At Ford factories, metal was shaped and turned into cars. At institutions like the Wayside Inn Boys School, young men were shaped and turned into productive citizens." This book, then, is a tribute to Henry Ford and the accomplishments of the students of his Wayside Inn Boys School, 1928-1998.
I am acquainted with one of the "Boys" who was in this school from 1941 through 1945. He has many happy memories of the school and I have recommended this book to him. He is interested in finding out if there are any other "boys" still alive and who live in the US. He is also mentioned in the book. It would be nice if somehow they could all find each other. Feel free to email me if you are one of those who went to the WIBS.

- shane_collins

My Father went to WIBS and graduated in '39 we believe; and like most of the boys was a ward of the Comm. of MA. He LOVED the School and all our "uncles" were WIBS students. He went to each and every reunion that they had annually. I only wish he had shared MORE of the details of his life with (me)(us). I feel that I don't know most of his life. He NEVER complained, he was ALWAYS grateful to Henry Ford and the WIBS school. He was a HARD WORKER, EXTREMELY ETHICAL, and brought his 4 children up the same way. He stayed married to our Mother until they both died 19 years ago. He was a great PROVIDER AND PROTECTOR of his family. One of his sayings was, I knew if I JUST HAD A FAMILY, I would Have EVERYTHING. He was a Mechanic and had an entrepreneural spirit and had his own successful auto repair business for many years. He was diligent with his earnings and spending. All his qualities are spoken about being taught at the WIBS. I do agree with some of the alulmni that there SHOULD be MANY more schools like this for the Children that are wards of the State(s)and others who have lost their way. They seem to be far better than SEVERAL FOSTER HOMEs in ones life time; some of which are NOT GOOD. I would love to hear from any of you out there with dads/grand-dads who went to WIBS. Are some of you who are still alive having annual reunions still?

- santino_jimenez

My family lives in the old school now and welcomes contact with any of the "alumni" or their families to share stories. Please contact us at [email protected]

- princeton_brown

This is a well written account of the WIBS. As said by the other reviewer, my father was also a student at this school in the 1930's and is mentioned in the book. I am grateful to now own this book. I personally knew some of these students in later years, as my Dad indeed became close friends with them and established life-long friendships.

- caden_thompson

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