Henry Ford A Pictorial Biography for Students

Henry Ford A Pictorial Biography for Students

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By: The Editors of Blue Shoe Press

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Henry Ford was an American entrepreneur and industrialist who was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He developed and manufactured the Model T, America's most popular automobile of its time. It was the first automobile that was priced for average Americans to afford. Ford is also famous for his development of the assembly-line method for mass production, which is now used by manufacturers of most products throughout the world. As owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and most influential (and at times controversial) men of his time, and forever changed the American industrial landscape.

Now it is your turn to learn about this fascinating man. This book is a pictorial biography designed with the student in mind. You’ll discover what motivated Henry Ford in his automotive ventures, his military manufacturing efforts, and his philanthropic endeavors. You’ll also find a variety of rare and interesting photos that highlight not only his inventions, but also his relationships with other leading innovators of his day.

We have also included a study guide, which contains a list of books selected to encourage students to read more about Henry Ford. Our special table of contents is linked to each section of the book, so you can go right to the information you seek.

This unique book offers the student a compelling exploration of the life and legacy of America’s premier automotive pioneer.
It was ok, there was little info and it was verry short. It had a lot more pictures 4han important stuff.

- kylan_white

Very informative book!!

- memphis_howard

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