HENRY FORD: ENTREPRENEURSHIP LESSONS: Teachings from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (BUSINESS ACTION GUIDES: Ideas for Success Book 2)

HENRY FORD: ENTREPRENEURSHIP LESSONS: Teachings from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (BUSINESS ACTION GUIDES: Ideas for Success Book 2)

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By: Michael Winicott

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Discover the lessons from Henry Ford that will unleash your entrepreneurial potential!

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Among the most famous Americans ever, Henry Ford was one of the greatest inventors and industrialists of the early 20th century. He built one of the most innovative versions of the “horseless carriage”, and created the first factory assembly line. But the secrets to Henry Ford success were not lost when he passed away. Take a journey through the lenses of his life, and see how the secrets to his success unfold.

Learn and master the ways of the entrepreneur from the very man who set the standards for success, and paved the way for millions of other entrepreneurs to innovate and impact the world. Henry Ford’s experiences each come with a valuable lesson in entrepreneurship, and each of these lessons is one more piece of the puzzle to becoming a great innovator.

Being a transformative leader in this world are not limited to those who are gifted. It takes hard work, diligence, and an eye for seeing beyond the curtain. You too can become a great entrepreneur like Ford, and find your success in this challenging world.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • How to take the leap from a life of certainty to a life of reward
  • How to associate yourself with people that can further your objectives
  • How to persevere in the face of all odds
  • How not to get caught up with money issues

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I only know him as an entrepreneur. This book gave me the opportunity to know him more in a different perspective. This story is helpful in building motivations. There is still hope to improve someone's life. I can definitely apply this to my own life. This is not like a fairy tale. I am happy that it is the reality that I am reading here. This is truly inspirational.

- astrid_wilson

Though I had learned a little about Henry Ford in school, I don't really feel like I ever knew anything other than "he was an entrepreneur". This book was filled with fun facts and really made me want to learn more about him! I would recommend this book to any history buff, or anyone who really just loves to learn strange but interesting facts.

- dustin_clark

The audio-book is fine although I thought it would be longer.

- arielle_moore

Nice talk on the authors take away from Ford’s life. Would have liked more in the way of actual Ford quotes, and detailed examples of his life; as well as some personal examples from the author on how he applied them to his own life.

- damari_myers

I like the way the book was composed and outlined Henry Ford life , Leadership and determination to make his dreams come true

- yahya_jackson

Changed my life

- ismael_price

I very interesting and practical read. A good reminder of what it takes to be successful and make impact in your field. Some key points were also emphasized including doggedness and burning passion. A good mini book.

- zachary_williams

Very disappointed with this book. In my opinion it had no useful insight on Henry Ford's success, and instead was just a lot of random rambling and very general statements. It was written at a level that a child would read. Ended up throwing it in the trash. A complete waste of money.

- eloise_hughes

Simple to read, good points, but nothing that you have not read in many other books.

- felix_rivera

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