Hidden History of Bucks County

Hidden History of Bucks County

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By: Jennifer Rogers

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Bucks County was an original county in William Penn's newly formed Pennsylvania province and has carried the weight of history ever since. Join author Jennifer Rogers as she recounts the lesser-known history of Bucks County.

Industrial power in the region expanded in the late 1700s as Irish laborers sacrificed life and limb to construct a section of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Durham Furnace. In 1921, a gruesome train wreck claimed the lives of twenty-seven people, forever leaving its tragic mark on the busy rail lines emerging from Philadelphia. Raised a Quaker in Doylestown, James A. Michener went from local English teacher to Pulitzer Prize-winning author, leaving his philanthropic mark at the art museum named for him.

great book, studied up on some local historic people and places

- priscilla_clark

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