Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs

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This humorous film is based on author Lois Duncan's book Hotel for Dogs. It is quite a change for the writer, who is best known for her chilling YA novels such as Down a Dark Hall. The acting in this film is excellent, and it stars Lisa Kudrow, Don Cheadle, Emma Roberts, and a great many dogs. Kudrow is a foster parent, Cheadle is a social worker, and Roberts is a foster kid with a big heart. The story is not unlike Katherine Paterson's tale The Great Gilly Hopkins. Three cheers for Lois Duncan, the producer, the director, and the remarkable cast!

- gloria_stewart

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Picked it for family movie night and was not of the opinion that it would be something I’d necessarily watch again by myself. I would definitely categorize it as “cute”, but it has some funny moments and addresses a few life lessons without being preachy. The young actors did a great job, too.

- jose_watson

cute doggie movie which isn't too focused in on people. But rather what we all (as humans) should be doing. I believe all animal lovers have had this kind of wish to give back to one of the best friends a human could ever have (of course the others being other animals) and try to make up for all the wrongness people have subjected on to dogs specifically. Although, no snow dog's; but still dang good even if they are all city dogs.

- natasha_morgan

Very heart warming story for all ages. My four year old grand children sat quietly thru the movie. I'm obsessed with these dogs. This Movie is so much fun and the dogs are adorable and I loved seeing this movie. Friday, the main dog, my Grandchildren favorite. Anytime he did something fiesty they would laugh hysterically. I loved the bulldog, cooper where he has a vending machine full of old shoes is genius. I really liked all the smart and quirky inventions that were used. This was a great family film...really honest, fun, enjoyable and totally entertaining. I would definitely recommend this film to someone who wants an easy, carefree day

- gabriella_ortiz

Loved the movie, bought another one for a gift. Good for dog lovers of any age. Spoiler Alert: there are a few minutes of drama but it's a happy ending.

- guillermo_castillo

"Hotel for Dogs" is an absolute winner for kids and adults who love dogs (me). Two children lose their parents and end up in dubious foster care with irresponsible adults. They secretly acquire a dog and to avoid a dog-catcher the dog finds safety inside a dilapidated former hotel, teaming up with the two other dog residents. The kids, and friends they meet, conspire to turn the hotel into a haven for stray dogs and this is where the movie takes an extraordinary and interesting twist.

One of the children is an engineering genius. He devises all kinds of machines to make the dogs happy and lessen the children's workload. For example, food is automatically poured into bowls and delivered down a long dining room table to each dog. A fire hydrant appears when a pad is pushed and afterwards, the hydrant is automatically cleaned. The dogs experience riding in something that looks like the front seat of a car, with wind blowing at them and films of the outdoors shown on the screen, giving the illusion that they are speeding in the country. There are way too many clever things that the "kids" arrange for the dogs to describe here, Suffice it to say they are ingenious and absorbing in themselves. The dogs are filled with different personalities, and take star turns.

If you are looking for upbeat family entertainment, this is a sure-fire hit.

- bianca_howard

It was good in 2009 and it’s good now. Definitely one of those movies that is just something you have to see once. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and when I found out my boyfriend never saw it, I had to change that. If you’ve never seen it (or maybe you have) it’s a really good movie, and you should definitely rent it.

- kyle_hernandez

It was more about people than the dogs. Not one of our favorites.

- azariah_ross

I loved this film and of course had to be a true dog lover to want to buy it and watch it and everything is absolutely hilarious fun, loving, caring and all the dogs are the most amazing trained actors and those little two twin dacies my most favourite breed. Real animal lovers film and the baddies/dog pound get their come-upperance ha ha, it's called dog power and young kids empowerment to do something and fight the state and save and make a home for all these rescue dogs in a hotel in New York, of course "Hotel for Dogs" yay.

- henry_moore

My Great Grandson absolutely loves this film. He will sit and watch it all the way through if you need some "quiet time" together

- macie_brooks

Ideal to watch with the family and tub of popcorn! Happy to watch again.

- camron_price

Watched this movie many years ago and I found it great to watch, hence I bought as a gift for a little boy.

- amayah_diaz

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