How Buffett Does It: 24 Simple Investing Strategies from the World's Greatest Value Investor (Mighty Managers Series)

How Buffett Does It: 24 Simple Investing Strategies from the World's Greatest Value Investor (Mighty Managers Series)

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By: James Pardoe

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A concise, no-nonsense rulebook for investors looking to achieve Buffett-like results

Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest investor in the world. Millions of independent investors follow his every move. But why Buffett? What signs does he see that others miss? And more important, what can investors do to follow Buffett's path to investment and financial success? How Buffett Does It explores the 24 primary rules Buffett has followed from day one, and that people from market novices to seasoned veterans can use to strengthen their investing results.

Drawing from literally hundreds of quotes and maxims, Buffett admirer and attorney James Pardoe has chosen those that encapsulate and explain the Buffett legend. This plain-talking and investor-friendly guidebook takes readers on an in-depth journey through strategies including:

  • Focus on not losing money rather than making it
  • Don't own any stock for 10 minutes that you wouldn't own for 10 years
  • Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful
Firs of all: this book will not make you rich. Nor will explain you a secret which will help you become rich.
After all, it was not written by Warren Buffet himself - that should give you additional warning sign.
This book explains some principles Buffet used in his way to the top, it explains differences between him and many others and many other things, but it doesn't bring any magic formula. Some things you will find in are useful, of course and in general it is worth reading, but in general nothing spectacular. It explains Buffet's general philosophy and strategy, but without some key things: how to find "gold share" and how will you know when you find it. Also, my opinion is that it's applicable to USA only, if you are in Europe - take care. Shares available in some smaller countries are not even close to ones you can buy in USA. But can still offer high revenues if you NOT follow some rules in this book.
Anyway, I would recommend this book to anyone dealing with shares because it gives you some wider perspective and ideas you will not hear from your own broker, but still - use your own head.

- barrett_king

I love this book but he is confident in what he does and I am not. i get scared and don't trust myself but I'm better since I've read his book. I hope I improve with time but the stock market is so volatile right now. I do understand his concept though. If it's a good stable company, don't sell it on ups and downs. Keep it and it will steadily go up on the average. If it falls real low, it will be back up in another year. He's right. He doesn't check the market. I have miss a few days since I've read this book. That's a miracle.

- zayne_chavez

There are dozens of books on Value investing and dozens more on Warren Buffett.
I have read many of those and some. This particular book is concise and deals with the main themes of the Buffett method of Value investing. It is clear from this book that Mr. Buffett has taken from his mentors Graham and Dodd and built upon that with the wisdom of decades of investment. The book is a must for anyone who wants to be a sensible investor, no matter what their style of investment.

- jeremias_ward

A wonderful book any one wonting to learn about investing and money growth should read.

- kaison_cox

A book not written by the man himself, just someone who knows his style of investing. Most points are common sense but can by eye opening and informative to newcomers. Recommended for beginners.

- anthony_young

This is a book which provides us the strategy followed by Warren Bufftet in simple but effective way.The 24 strategies provides the entire fundamentals required for a value and long term investor. Before reading the book i had a view that investing requires considerable technical knowledge and also was meant only for professionals. But this book has changed my view of investing.

- leilani_lewis

This book helped completely change the way I invest and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to tune out all the noise, simplify their investing strategy and be successful.

- kimber_brown

Excellent quality, like a new book

- quincy_garcia

Written in very Simple & easily understandable language !!
Those who want to just get to know How buffet does it ...then you read it

But Mr.Buffets books are like ocean of knowledge....this is drop from that ocean ...But yes it will give you knowledge
If you are Buffet fan just go ahead & read it

- adalynn_thomas

Very much knowledgeable.

- draven_hughes

Excellent read

- paislee_hernandez

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