How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care: Leading the Transparency Revolution

How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care: Leading the Transparency Revolution

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By: Stephen S.S. Hyde

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America’s employers have long had the tools necessary to fix our broken health care system, author and industry expert Stephen S. S. Hyde asserts. Companies already possess the ability to assure consistently affordable, high-quality medical care for their 170-million employees and dependents. Yet they have utterly failed to do it. Instead, they have focused—much like the government—on failed top-down, bureaucratic, one-size-fits-all approaches that deny control to the one player with the greatest stake in the outcome—the medical consumer.

If You are a Health Care Professional or Have an Interest in Affordable Health Care, this Book is for You.

The solution described in How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care lies in employers extending to health care the same economic principle that has long allowed America’s consumers to meet their equally essential needs for affordable, high-quality food, housing, automobiles, clothes, entertainment, and recreation—control of all the money.

The result would empower employees and dependents to make their own medical care choices based on the answers to two simple questions:

  • For my medical needs, who are the highest-quality, most appropriate medical providers?
  • Of those, which one is cheapest?

Unfortunately, the current health insurance and medical system is structured to fundamentally prevent us from getting these answers.

The book goes on to define the two primary causes of uncontrolled medical costs. Hyde explains why they exist and how a single large entrepreneurial employer—like Jeff Bezos—could use empowered employees and modern information technology to slash health care costs by half while doubling medical quality.

As the rapid rise of high-deductible health plans has made clear to a growing number of people, the lack of price transparency has resulted in patients having to pay excessive prices for services and drugs they could have received for much less.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Help Make Health Care Affordable for Everyone.

Unlike gridlocked government, employers are in a position to fix this. The only thing needed to get started is a single innovative employer—Hyde calls it Employer Zero—to step up and create a completely new solution that reveals real provider prices while motivating employees to choose all their care on the basis of quality and price.

Although the book does get a bit technical in places, it should be readily comprehensible to a broad range of readers, especially anyone interested in or involved in the health care system. If Hyde’s plan reaches implementation, it promises to be extremely disruptive as by killing waste (and jobs), improving quality (and exposes bad doctors), eliminating the need for value-subtracting intermediaries (and more jobs), and forcing down the prices of prescription drugs (and drug-makers’ stocks). Whether you believe such a wholesale change can occur, How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care, is also a useful text for understanding the inner workings of the seamy business underbelly of our dysfunctional health care system.

Will You be Part of the Transparency Revolution in Health Care?

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We all recognize at some level that our current health care system is unsustainably complex and expensive. At the same time we know our system can provide world class treatment and cutting edge technological breakthroughs. The conundrum has always been how to retain the unique, although unevenly available, benefits of today's system while eliminating its byzantine opaqueness and unnecessary costs.
In this new book, Steve Hyde examines the drivers of unnecessary costs and complexities, explains how they came to be, and provides a plan that can eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) them. His proposal does not rely on increased government funding. It is not "Medicare for All". It operates entirely in the sphere of free enterprise. And it could actually WORK.
Unlike most of the proposals for changes to the current system, Steve Hyde's plan is not some vague fantasy that suggests, by tweaking this point and borrowing this idea, we can somehow muddle through to significant change. His plan is detailed, specific and unwavering in its adherence to free market principles. It takes someone with the deep and detailed knowledge provided by decades in the health care industry to truly understand its systemic problems. Steve Hyde combines that knowledge with a willingness to think outside the box and the result is a totally unique and innovative approach to solving our nation's greatest domestic challenge.

- chandler_ruiz

Why can’t we shop for healthcare on Amazon the way we do for almost everything else we want and need in our daily lives?
Jeff Bezos brought the world of one-stop shopping to our doorstep by figuring out how to make the process simple, convenient, and inexpensive. His system of web browsing, “one-click” purchases, and speedy home delivery made our lives easier and Mr. Bezos the richest man on the planet.
Now why can’t we do the same for healthcare?
Stephen Hyde, a pioneer in healthcare delivery (he founded one of the nation’s first HMOs) and a relentless advocate for rational, efficient, and effective healthcare at reasonable prices, proposes in this book realistic solutions to the current costly and convoluted system.
The catch? It will take someone like Mr. Bezos, an entrepreneur with the power, ingenuity, and incentive to transform the current hodgepodge into a world class and cost-effective network.
The author describes the industry’s sad history of kickbacks, pricing scams, and government mismanagement and his solutions constitute a revolutionary, but workable reimagining of the current system of secrecy, obfuscation, wrong-headedness, uneven quality, consumer-abuse, and pervasive waste—all presented so that even a layman like me can understand it.
For anyone who seeks the inside story to our healthcare crisis and wants to engage and encourage realistic solutions, I urge you to read Mr. Hyde’s book.
Before we call for change, we must be informed. "How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care: Leading the Transparency Revolution” is an excellent place to start.

- mya_reed

This is one of the most encouraging books I have read in a very long time. Stephen Hyde clearly has a broad and deep understanding of the incredible complexity of our current healthcare industry, yet is able to convey the key points of such in an easy-to-read and entertaining style that mere mortals like me can easily understand. He proposes an exciting plan to disrupt the dysfunctional status quo in healthcare for a very large segment of the country, the employer funded segment, with the potential to affect the other segments over time as well. This plan could be achieved without government action, and would bring the free market forces to bear on healthcare so that ever better care at lower costs would be the result, much like is the case for all other necessities of life. I am hopeful that this opportunity is pursued either by “Team Bezos” as he calls it, or someone else who recognizes the real and significant opportunity he lays out so clearly. A quick read that I enthusiastically rate 5 stars!

- henrik_smith

Impossible challenges demand disruptive innovations. The U.S. healthcare mess is such a challenge. Stephen Hyde’s masterwork conjures up comparisons to the invention of the light bulb, the automobile, or 3D printing. Bold, brilliant, and begging for a Bezos-type champion to break through. Hyde is very knowledgeable about healthcare, creatively disruptive, and an enjoyable writer.

- jamal_collins

In her 1997 book, Market Driven Health Care. Professor Regina Herzlinger from the Harvard Business School forcefully introduced the concept of a consumer driven health care system that would empower people to make health care service choices based on quality (real or perceived), price, and availability (access). This is in contrast to a payer driven system that induces people to use certain health care providers who have agreed to a discounted payment schedule. In her book, Professor Herzlinger lays out the key concepts that make such a system work for the benefit of all. While some progress has been made over the past 23 years since the publication of her book, the U.S. health care system remains mostly the same.
In his book, How Jeff Bezos Can Fix Health Care, Steve Hyde provides the missing links that inhibit a major move to a more consumer driven system. These links include easily obtained transparent information about provider quality, actual cost to patients/consumers before services are provided, and provider availability. All this is accomplished with an easy to use technology platform that enables consumers to compare choices in the market in a way that does not exist today. The other missing piece to make such a major change in the health care system is a private sector powerhouse champion, hence Jeff Bezos who has revolutionized the consumer purchasing marketplace.
Whether you favor a more centralized single payer system such as Medicare for All or private sector consumer driven system as proposed by Steve Hyde, this book is essential reading for those who what to better understand what may be possible to make our health care system function better of all citizens.

- gwen_morris

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