Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump

Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump

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By: Neal Katyal and Sam Koppelman

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Why President Trump has left us with no choice but to remove him from office, as explained by celebrated Supreme Court lawyer and former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.

No one is above the law. This belief is as American as freedom of speech and turkey on Thanksgiving—held sacred by Democrats and Republicans alike. But as celebrated Supreme Court lawyer and former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal argues in Impeach, if President Trump is not held accountable for repeatedly asking foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, this could very well mark the end of our democracy. To quote President George Washington’s Farewell Address: “Foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.” Impeachment should always be our last resort, explains Katyal, but our founders, our principles, and our Constitution leave us with no choice but to impeach President Trump—before it’s too late. 
Excellent book from one of the nations top constitutional legal scholars. He goes into detail on the legal facts of impeachment and what constitutionally congress can do. I learned so much about the powers of gov checks and balances . Congress not only has a right to impeach they have a responsibility to uphold the law and protect democracy.

- gavin_myers

I don't think I've ever before blitzed through an entire book the day it was released--but that's what I did today.

I became all-in on impeachment on October 8, when the White House counsel formally notified Congress that it would not supply any documents or witnesses for the impeachment inquiry. As I see it, that act *must* be automatically impeachable--because if it isn't, it's a tactic that will be resorted to by every future corrupt president to try to stymie investigation.

But at that time, and continuing until today, I have still been withholding judgment on whether the core Ukraine stuff was itself also impeachable. I am now left without any doubt on that. And I think any fair-minded person reading this book would come to the same conclusion.

Katyal does a remarkably clear and cogent job of laying out the evidence in a way that is comprehensible to anybody--no special academic or legal background needed. His case seems airtight to me, even though I habitually read stuff looking to poke holes in arguments.

It's also impressively current. It covers events at least up through October 23--less than a month ago--which is rare in the book publishing world.

Even if you've been following the case, you will probably learn at least a few new things, and at the very least you will have them laid out for you in a way that dissipates the fog of partisan bickering over facts and inferences. If you haven't been following along much, Katyal's prose and evidence are a snap to follow; you can start knowing nothing, and end up knowing all you need to in order to form a conclusion as a citizen participant.

Really--I think essentially every American ought to read this, and very, very soon.

- mikayla_alvarez

As a Republican, an originalist, and as one who believes that the Constitution takes precedence over person or party, I found this book to be a must read. Sadly, too many Americans place party and person above the Constitution, and we will pay a mighty price for doing so. As a grandfather, I am grateful that Professor Katyal has written a book that could do much to save the constitutional rule of law that is the foundation of our government and the greatest gift our generation can leave the rising generation. I wish all Americans would read this very accessible book about impeachment with an open mind.

- jacoby_wood

This book confirms the conclusions that I have come to. Neal is able to simplify what seems to sometimes be very confusing. Lays out the facts. That is the most important thing here. I have been waiting for a book like this. I think he should be the lawyer for the impeachment trial against Donald Trump.

- rene_carter

As I read the book, I was amazed at the amount of recent information included. Revisions must have been occurring till the last second. I was also amazed by the clarity and readability. Not all legal minds write as clearly and succinctly. Thank you, Neal Katyal and Sam Koppelman. History will decide whether your suggested post-Trump reforms will occur, but it is obvious that reform is needed to prevent another such disaster.

- liv_howard

Kaytal is known as a not-partisan attorney who has been before the Supreme Court more than any other attorney in history. He outlines what is NOT an impeachable offense and what is. That he's advocating for impeachment and conviction is telling. Excellent exposition regarding many people (judges and presidents) who have faced impeachment. If you can honestly say that you'd approve of this behavior of the present president if he was: President Lyndon Johnson, President James Carter, President Clinton, and President Obama, you're going to be lying to yourself. I'm glad Professor Kaytal uses this method in teaching and in presenting this information.

- braxton_moore

This is an excellent book. Thank ya'll for writing it!
Personally, I think more emphases should be given to the emoluments clause. Lots of my friends own and run small businesses. They understand very well what unfair competition is all about—and unfair influences. It touches their pocketbooks.

- kaylani_reed

It doesn't take long to make the case clear. Neal and Sam carefully walk us through what was done, why it was wrong and why it matters. Anyone on the fence about what's been going on or really wants to understand the facts of impeachment should read this book.

- lyric_miller

The author used to be the acting solicitor general for the United States. He is at present a law professor at the well respected Georgetown University. He has personally argued 39 Supreme Court cases. In other words an intellectual heavyweight as can be seen when he is on panels discussing US politics and the law. He is a towering figure with his intellect and insights. As a result he makes his panel colleagues look like pygmies in comparison.
Katyal looks at the law and how it had developed historically as regards the Constitution and the powers of the President. He makes it very clear by logical argument that we have a lawless President who is only interested in himself and his family. Their interests supersede the nation's interests and the planet's health in Trump's eyes and actions. No president has blocked witnesses and all documentation into a Congress inquiry before. Obviously if Trump was innocent of charges he would have carried the stuff over to them himself.
I read the book before Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian leader in Iraq. Imagine if Iran had killed several including Mike Pompeo leaving a plane in Heathrow by drone. This would have been seen as an act of war by both the US and UK. I don't know how the US has been declared as the World's policeman. This obviously gives them the right to go anywhere in the world and do whatever they want. I never got a vote on this.
Hopefully the lily-livered Republicans in the Senate read this book and develop a backbone.

- ashlynn_garcia

The book identified and answered all my questions.
Historical context from the Constitutional discussions on whether impeachment should be in or out, and under what circumstances.
Some ongoing context of legal decisions since that time.
Clear discussion of what is, and is not, an impeachable offence, including the fuzziness.
Point by damning point identification of Trump's words and actions, and how they are clear and unavoidable grounds for his impeachment.
Informative comparison and contrast to other presidential impeachment movements--most especially Nixon's, and the parallels between the two.
Detailed outlines of the steps others in his gang have taken to camouflage or conceal the proofs.
Clear identification of the consequences of NOT impeaching Trump.
Specific and well-argued recommendations for legislative changes to prevent a reocurrence of such behaviours.

I had always thought the Russian entanglement was more serious than this mess with a much smaller country (Ukraine), but in terms of impeachment, this is a no-brainer. Trump broke all precedent, many laws.

The move to hide or obliterate the electronic record of the calls is even worse than Rosemary's wandering foot on the Nixon tapes--this was blatantly and unapologetically a complete violation of law (let alone ethics).

I assume that the quid pro quo tactics Trump felt were fine in an exchange with a foreign government were just normal business practice, in his long experience. He never has appeared to have the faintest grasp of the fact that a country's government is an entirely different thing from a business.

For the first time, I understand WHY waiting for the next election is not the answer: throw the bums out, by all means, but do it through law--because, as Katyal outlines, there is every evidence that the bums will not go under any other circumstance. They have twisted and corrupted and bent and broken so many legal and practical processes--why in the wide world would anyone assume they would not do the same thing (again) to another election process?

I only ever assign five stars to a book that is, to me, world-changing.
I can't recommend this book highly enough.

- jacob_martinez

This author gives facts over fiction. I'm impressed with Mr katyals record, he understands the law and lays it out so people who are not lawyers can understand.

Outstanding book?

- salvador_reed

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