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By: Judith Michael

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From New York Times bestseller Judith Michael comes a dramatic novel of love, loss, and deep-buried family secrets.

Laura Fairchild enters a charmed world when eccentric patriarch Owen Salinger takes her in as his protegee and confidante. In the patrician circles of Boston’s Beacon Hill, she acquires grace, culture, and a passionate lover in Owen’s nephew, Paul. But Owen’s death shatters her dreams. Favored in his will, she now faces the wrath of his family, who close ranks against her. Disinherited, Laura vows to recapture all that has been ruthlessly taken away.

With brilliance and flair she builds a hotel empire. Yet beneath her successful facade lives the outcast girl, longing for the home and family she has lost. As long-buried secrets rise like threatening clouds, Laura has to fight to regain her love, her family, and to claim her true inheritance!
I had not read any of Ms. Michael's books before. Although I am only 1/3 into this book I find it engrossing and an enjoyable read.

Finished the book - I give this book a 4.5 rating
I do not like the cussing in the book! I could do without that!!!
The team of Judith and Michael have created an interesting story that kept me surprised - quite often I can tell the outcome of a story, but this had me guessing. The characters were well defined. I have read many books throughout this past year and authors such as Diana Gabaldon to Bill O'Reilly and I was fully engaged in this novel about an Inheritance. I have now purchased more of this couple's books. Great reading!

- nelson_allen

This is one of my favourite escapist reads. I can't count the number of times since receiving my first Kindle 4 years ago that I checked for Judith Michael's books in the Kindle Store. Now they're here and I'm ready to revisit this story.

A young woman is bequeathed a chain of hotels but is cheated out of that inheritance by disgruntled and disinherited family members. She goes on to make a name for herself by creating a chain of upscale hotels.

It's your basic rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story with a little romance along the way. If you're looking for a hot bubble bath soak of a book, you can't go wrong with this one.

- alexia_lopez

This is the kind of book writers don’t write any more because it takes so much time and effort. A full rich story with many twists and turns. You feel you really know and care about the characters. All the ends are tied up in the ends .

- maxton_bailey

Although this was a decent book, it was at times slow and seemed to drag on. I love some of this pair's books and although this is one I will reread again, it is not one I will do so as much as some of their others. It was much too bland, easy to figure out, and didn't have enough going on to hold my attention.

- kelvin_walker

A woman who strives for everything and in her own gets it. But then tragedy strikes and it's all taken from her.

This is a story of how such a huge loss can show you how to grow and mature and win back the things that you had lost. She gained everything back, was accepted back into the family and found her true love once more.

Laura is a very strong woman and with the help of family you can achieve anything that you want in life.

- aniya_young

It is a great book. I used it for entertainment of course.

- natasha_morgan

From the first time that I read this book in a hardcover edition, it had just been published and I still have it. By now I could probably recite it seeing as how I have read it many times. It is one of my favorite books from this couple. Among their books there are several others that I have read a few times.

- kaitlyn_hall

My daughter and I read a lot. Imagine our frustration when we got to the end of this book and the last 25 pages were missing. No way! We went on line and were able to purchase it for very little. Our only frustration was waiting until it arrived. It seemed to take longer than any purchase we've ever made on But the book was well worth waiting for and it was in good condition.

- jacob_martinez

Have loved this book for so long that I never get tired of reading it . A classic !

- paxton_garcia

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