INTO THE AM Men's Graphic Tees - Casual Short Sleeve Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

INTO THE AM Men's Graphic Tees - Casual Short Sleeve Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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5 foot 8 inches. 140 lbs. Ordered the Medium. Cotton, and very soft. Material is quality and not thin. This shirt is long enough for Yoga. The design is also very clever, a DNA Tree of Life. Received favorable comments on it. Downside is the logo on the back of the shirt. In my opinion it is too distracting. Even so, will keep an eye on new designs from this company. If you found this review helpful, please do me the favor of indicating this below...Thanks!

- bryan_martinez

Are you in the market for a black steampunk shirt of an owl? You are? Well then, this is the right review for you. I too once was in the very same place as you with one difference -- I bought the shirt. Now hear my story.

It's not always the case that what you buy looks as good in person or better, but that IS the case here. No matter how cool this shirt looks on your screen, it will look exactly 1.5 times as cool in person, even after multiple washes. The image doesn't fade or flake. No annoying tag. This is nice (silk-screened stuff I am assuming) ladies and gentlemen.

If you usually wear a large, then get this in large. I did. It fits comfortably, with no tightness in areas where tightness shouldn't be. Neither is it roomy enough for you and a friend. One shirt -- one person. It's owleriffic bliss.

The price is a bit higher than your usual t-shirts, but it is worth it. Remember, I was once where you stand, considering the cost of the shirt and the security of your money in whatever place you store your money.

It's a steampunk clockwork owl on a black shirt that fits, feels good, looks good, and and keeps looking good. It's made of quality material, and it's worth the price. What else can I say? Oh yeah. In the spirit of the age, 'tis owleriffic!

- jax_perez

I was looking for cool looking T-shirts for my 16 y.o. son who is also 6'5" !
Honestly not an easy job. Not much available for his height.
He is picky about graphics, quality and length.

DESIGN: I ordered Black Diamond and Clockwork Owl. GORGEOUS and very unique! He loved both immediately. Other kids also notice cool design and comment! I wish there were many more designs available to pick from.

MATERIAL: Very soft and although he highly prefers V-neck, the rounded neck is soft and stretch, so doesn't bother him.

SIZE: I recommend going at least 1 size bigger if you prefer a not-fitted look with longer length. He usually wears LT (Large Tall) and I purchased 2X in this T-shirt. The fit is perfect as well as the length. This T-shirt definitely works for TALL person!

- muhammad_rogers

The material and graphics are great. Unfortunately, the graphic on the T-shirt was printed off center. Didn’t think it would be a big deal; many of my friends like the shirt, but were quick to point out the the print looked crooked. Since I’ve already worn this T-shirt, I’m not expecting that I’d be able to exchange/ return this shirt

- destiny_clark

What I dislike? Nu10!😁 I opened it? and felt the softness of the shirt! Ahhhh.. Between us? That jawn feels GOOD on my caramel brown skin.. Every moment wearing it is pleasure!! And I wore it on really HOT& Humid day? And stayed quite Comfy.. And ppl asked me "Dude?! Where'd you get that shirt??! You have to let me rock that!! " I said Nooooo my brother! YOU gotta get your own!!! Bless the chiiiiiiiiild who has his oooooowwwwwwwn! 😁

- maddox_scott

First and foremost let me just start by saying WOW. This shirt is more then you could ever expect it to be. The quality is PHENOMENAL. The image is even brighter and better looking then you could imagine. Crisp image. No spacing. Fills the shirt VERY nicely.

I got a 4x for my husband to ensure it was loose on him, he's 6'6", broad chest, and it fits wonderfully. The shirt is a nice material, more lightweight, but NOT "thin" or cheap! Incredibly high quality shirt.

I'm more then impressed all around. This company has won a large space in our closet. We will definitely be purchasing several more things from them. Thanks a million, you guys are AH- MAZING!! 😁👍

- hank_roberts

Great shirt, the fabric feels very nice and you definitely get your moneys worth. I love the designs of the shirts but they are very expensive directly from into the AM, I try to purchase these when they are in stock from Amazon sellers to take advantage of the prime shipping. I have washed it several times and it never shrunk, or lost its perfect fitting.

I am 5'11 160lbs give or take, above avg chest/arms size for my demographic. A large fits me perfect.

- houston_johnson

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