INTO THE AM Men's T-Shirts - Premium Short Sleeve Casual Crew Neck Tee Shirt

INTO THE AM Men's T-Shirts - Premium Short Sleeve Casual Crew Neck Tee Shirt

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I ordered the olive green and black t-shirts. The material is great, the fabric is soft and comfy and it has between a slim and modern fit to it. For context, I ordered size Lrg, I am 5'11 and 204 lbs. I got kind of a dad bod but this shirt is just loose enough on the midsection to hide it pretty well. I would've given this 5 stars but the color is lighter than the pictures. I expected a darker olive green but this was more of a lighter army green. Aside from that these are great shirts.

Ps Please don't judge the messiness of my room in the background. I'm a single dad to a 2yr old lol

- kendall_harris

The only regret you're gonna have is that you didn't buy more. If I could offer any sizing advice it would be that their chart is extremely true and accurate. I'm 6'2", athletic but still a tad fluffy. I wear L and XL, depending on the make of the shirt/jacket/hoodie. Happy I stuck to their chart and chose the XL when I would normally always pick a L in T-shirts.
What's great? The length. I can raise my hands above my head and not expose an inch or two of hamburger meat. The build. Stitching is quality and error-free...The Fit. The thickness and comfort is a perfect balance between softness and lightweight durability with a small, yet perfect amount of taper/elasticity to give the shirts a complimenting look on the upper body without draping all around in the wind (even if you don't look like a mannequin).
Overall-- you deff get what you pay for with IntoThe Am. No negatives whatsoever. Super impressed. Buying more. Any more positives and this company's gonna have to pay me. Stick with the chart and get some quality T's!

- kamden_young

I thought that this was a package of the Premium tees. The premium tees have the label on the bottom right side and seem to be made of a slightly different material than the 3 pack.

When I purchased this item:

I received a beautiful shirt of great quality/thickness with the correct logos as photo'd. I wanted 3 of that shirt.

When I ordered the 3 pack. I got 3 sub par thin shirts with no back logo.

- melody_nelson

I love the fit and the feel, but I hope they are legit because the three I ordered did not have the sewn on logo on the bottom of the shirt that I am use to from this company. I want to give five stars and will if Into the AM clarifies they are no longer sewing that logo on the bottoms. Still the nice quality shirt I'm use to.

- shepherd_long

I’m always skeptical of ordering shirts as I’m more of an athletic build. Big arms, chest, and tiny waist. This shirt is definitely good for someone like that. The material fees soft and durable. The only thing I wish was different is that the sleeves were shorter. I don’t like when shirt sleeves come close to my elbows. I prefer they stop more mid bicep.

- omar_lewis

3 shirts for 40 bucks is crazy and they are great quality and fit amazing im a little fluffy from covid but once I get back into shape these will fit even better not loose on arms and neck is not stretched out i have a longer torso nothing crazy and the length is great i bought the 3 pack just to gamble hoping they fit and I just bought 3 more i might buy 20 more who knows ,I'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind wearing the same looking shirts everyday and will for years

- cohen_anderson

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