Introduction to Programming with Basic and Excel Macros

Introduction to Programming with Basic and Excel Macros

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By: Julia Buffinton;Gary Haggard;Wade Hitchison

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The first chapters of this text are organized for learning introductory programming. Visual Basic 6.0 is the program used. The last six chapters focus on programming Excel macros. Contents: Chapter 1: Getting Started Chapter 2: Screen Output Chapter 3: Input Values and Output Displays Chapter 4: Numeric Calculations Chapter 5: Decision Making Chapter 6: Branching Chapter 7: Repetition of Code Chapter 8: Random Numbers Chapter 9: Graphics Chapter 10: 1-Dimensional Arrays Chapter 11: 2-Dimensional Arrays Chapter 12: 2-Features of Excel Chapter 13: Addressing and the Copy Operation Chapter 14: Recorded Macros Chapter 15: Writing Excel Macros with Basic Chapter 16: Case Studies Appendix A: Translating Language Syntax to Basic Appendix B: Odd Solutions (Chapters 2-15) Appendix C: Index

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