Invest like Warren Buffett, Be the Intelligent Investor: A Guide to Investing from Life & Business Lessons, Wit & Wisdom of Warren Buffett Portfolios, Stocks, and Businesses

Invest like Warren Buffett, Be the Intelligent Investor: A Guide to Investing from Life & Business Lessons, Wit & Wisdom of Warren Buffett Portfolios, Stocks, and Businesses

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By: Wiroon Tanthapanichakoon

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Book Reviews

“Frankly speaking, as a person experienced in investing, I still learn a lot from this book. It’s like having Warren Buffett on your side coaching you how to invest like him.
Joshi Sachin, India

“This book is a must for every investor. I was amazed by the depth and insights of this book content. I could not put it down once I read the first chapter.”
Joseph Weller, USA

“This book is written in an easy language for all levels of investors. However, the content covers from basic to detailed information on investing. “
Tatsuya Tsujiuchi, Japan

“If you think you still don’t know Warren Buffett well enough, you need to read this book. “
Bamrung Sungneon, Thailand

Warren Edward Buffett is a world-famous value investor. According to Forbes magazine, Warren Buffett has $62 billion fortune. Warren Buffett was always thinking about making money. Even when he was a child, he attempted to invest his money. Making money was in his blood, from the very childhood he sold soft drinks and had a paper route. So, he is now 85 years old and is a billionaire. He wrote many books, he inspired so many people by his quotes.

In this book, you will find so many great advices and paths to follow in order to become a great investor. If you have no inspiration, experience or strength, then just follow the guidelines and tips written here. Warren Buffett inspired so many people to become great investors. This book presents a great deal of investing knowledge and practices of Warren Buffett condensed from the most classic book on value investing “The Intelligent Investor” written by Benjamin Graham. Warren Buffett claimed that this book changed his life into a billionaire.

In this book, you will find out how Warren Buffet made his path to reach a desired success, how he became one of the most famous investors in all over the world. You will also get to know all the investment principles that will help you become successful in your deeds. You will find out how to possess your investing or stock portfolio, where to invest and when to invest in order to have many profits. You will understand what it is like to be an investing psychologist, perceiving everything in this business. You will get acquainted with almost all the tips that Warren Buffet applied to grow his money, and I hope you will manage to follow his path. I bet you want to know in which stocks to invest and which not to refer to. You will get the answer for this question as well. Try to follow the guidelines and invest in worthy stocks only. If you are not able to choose what business to start or to buy, this book will help you. Follow Warren Buffet’s experience and advices and you will not lose. You will start to think like Warren Buffet, due to this amazing book, which contains so many inspiring quotations from Warren Buffet o life, on business, on investing, etc.

So, are you ready for a great adventure? Let’s start now!

Table of Contents
Book Reviews4
Chapter 1: How WB reached his success7
Chapter 2: How to be an intelligent investor according to WB16
Chapter 3: Becoming a “psychologist” of investing24
Chapter 4: Investment portfolio, how to manage it according to WB32
Chapter 5: WB’s 16 Tips for growing your money36
Chapter 6: “Common stocks and uncommon profits” by WB45
Chapter 7: WB's tips on buying a business wisely49
Chapter 8: WB's Portfolios and Stocks58
Chapter 9: Success in Investing Doesn’t Correlate with IQ66
Chapter 10: Just Be You While Investing Like Warren Buffett81
Chapter 11: 16 Reasons Why You Fail and Quick Solutions89
Chapter 12: How to think like WB97
Chapter 13: 80 Inspiring quotes by Warren Buffett103

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I have read this book thoroughly! I liked it very much. I find it very interesting, catchy and inspiring. Many people can learn from Warren Buffett, from his experience and knowledge. The most important thing for reaching happiness and success is hoping for that and believing in yourself. One must have courage ad faith in himself. This book can teach that not always the knowledge can help to become a successful man, but also one's courage, faith and strength. Warren Buffett is a great role model for all those, who want to become successful in business and in life.

- alonzo_thompson

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