Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind, My Emotions, and My Money (with a Little Help from My Dad)

Invested: How Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Taught Me to Master My Mind, My Emotions, and My Money (with a Little Help from My Dad)

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By: Danielle Town, Phil Town, et al.

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In this essential handbook - a blend of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Happiness Project - the cohost of the wildly popular InvestED podcast shares her yearlong journey learning to invest, as taught to her by her father, investor and best-selling author Phil Town. 

Growing up, the words finance, savings, and portfolio made Danielle Town's eyes glaze over, and the thought of stocks and financial statements shut down her brain. The daughter of a successful investor and best-selling financial author of Rule #1, Phil Town, she spent most of her adult life avoiding investing - until she realized that her time-consuming career as a lawyer was making her feel anything but in control of her life or her money. Determined to regain her freedom, vote for her values with her money, and deal with her fear of the unpredictable stock market, she turned to her father, Phil, to help her take charge of her life and her future through Warren Buffett-style value investing. Over the course of a year, Danielle went from avoiding everything to do with the financial industrial complex to knowing exactly how and when to invest in wonderful companies. 

In Invested, Danielle shows you how to do the same: how to take command of your own life and finances by choosing companies with missions that match your values, using the same gold-standard strategies that have catapulted Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger to the top of the Forbes 400. Avoiding complex math and obsolete financial models, she turns her father's investing knowledge into 12 easy-to-understand lessons. 

In each chapter Danielle examines the investment strategies she mastered as her increasing know-how deepened the trust between her and her father. Throughout, she streamlines the process of making wise financial decisions and shows you just how easy - and profitable - investing can be. 

Capturing a warm, charming, and down-to-earth give and take between a headstrong daughter and her mostly patient dad, Invested makes the complex world of investing simple, straightforward, and approachable and will help you formulate your own investment plan - and foster the confidence to put it into action. Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook. 

I read both of Phil Town's books, Rule #1 and Payback Time, for the first time back in 2010. Both were excellent in explaining the Graham/Buffett/Munger approach to investing and how the "little" guy investor could apply that approach to achieve similar 15% annual rate gains. In the intervening years, my Roth IRA, where I do my Rule#1 investing, has achieve a 19% AROR which attests to the fact that these investing principles work.

In addition to reading the books, I've been a follower of Phil and Danielle's INVESTED podcast and attended one of Phil's weekend workshops. So I began reading Invested with some curiosity but also with the expectation that I wouldn't learn anything new. With regard to the bottom-line Rule #1 approach, my expectations were validated to some extent - but what INVESTED did do was add clarity to this investing approach as well as force me to look at it from a fresh perspective.

INVESTED will also appeal to those who love a good story. All of the book is written from the perspective of Danielle who, despite the fact that her father is a very successful investor, never had any interest in investing herself. The book really is her story about her life and how it came to be that she came to the realization that she needed to learn how to invest in order to free herself from her financial shackles; her emotions as she began to learn from her father; the frustrations that come with learning a new skill; and then the elation that comes from having mastered that skill.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and informational read that will appeal to anyone.

- dwayne_scott

Excellent. If you are preparing for the Atlanta workshop given by her dad, this gives you a fantastic summary of the process. You will do an abbreviated version of this and you won't be sorry if you can internalize this information before you go. I am so thankful Danielle took her dads' lessons and wrote them in a way a complete novice can follow. It has helped me put the pieces of this investing puzzle together in a way I can follow.

- julio_foster

It’s too complicated. I can’t understand this. It’s too hard. Can’t I pay someone to do it for me. I’m not interested. It hurts my brain.

Now repeat the above for about 100 pages and you get a sense of what I mean by fluff in the book.

When she finally gets down to showing how to evaluate a company, like he dad’s book, they go on for page after page on how to do approximate calculations in your head. Hey, you kno what - people have calculators now. Every computer has a spreadsheet. How about showing a formula? Can’t do that - the book would be too short.

Pass on this book.

- shepherd_long

Another top shelf easy to read, can't live without investing book written by Phil Town to go with his two Best-Sellers Rule #1 and Payback Time! Invested is extra-special because Mr Town walks his amazing daughter, Danielle Town, through his easy to understand, time-proven, investing strategy while she ventures in with smart skepticism.

- louise_jones

As a woman, I find it inspiring and refreshing to read about investing from a woman's perspective. Danielle not only walks us through her journey from total fear of investing to total excitement about buying great companies but she engages us with the story of how she and her dad mended and strengthened their relationship through this process. Danielle makes you feel like you are learning about all this right alongside her, with zero expectation that you understand the math behind valuation or know the jargon of the investing industry. Invested explains in plain English what all the other investing books assume you know. And Danielle's warm wisecracks never fail to amuse. This book is by far the most engaging and helpful investing guide I've read. I'm completely inspired to start my journey with Danielle's help. Fantastic all around!

- jessie_morales

Thus is not intended as a don’t read rating. If you like a nice human interest story which also gives some valuable investment strategy and practice lessons then this is for you. However; although good, the investment information alone would be one very short chapter, including examples.

- john_clark

Really good book, it is oriented towards beginner investors or investors who do not have a good grasp on businesses intrinsic values. I read the Rule 1 book before, and Invested was still a good way to review once more time the Rule 1 approach, with some additional information (such as the checklist and the payback time). Danielle also shows how she incorporates her investment practice in her daily life, which makes it easier to incorporate in yours. I highly recommend reading it and also listening to the podcast Invested.

- evie_carter

Danielle has done a great job of taking complicated financial terms and concepts and bringing it all down to understandable by the non-math person. It’s a wonderful mix of her personal story and journey along with a practical approach to learning Buffet & Munger value investing. She speaks to her fears about investing and money in a way that most of us can relate. I will be buying copies for all my kids so they can begin their own investment practice and wish this had been available for me 30 years ago.

- jazmin_sanchez

For anyone new to investing this is truly a good book to read and get a better understanding of the value investing world. Dannielle Town provides the added advantage of being relatively new to the investing world and really good at explaining concepts in an easy to understand way. I adopted the value investing lifestyle just after I finished University 11 months ago and have been able to pick up considerable information since then. Even so, I have picked up valuable content due to Danielle's easy to understand writing style.

As an avid fan of the Rule One podcast, I loved reading about the evolution of both Phil and Danielle Town's relationship getting better through the practice of investing. For anyone who has listened to the podcasts, you can see just how much she has developed as an investor which is a lovely aspect to read about. From all the investing books I have read I like the focus of the narrative on transforming one's self through the commitment to the practice. Furthermore for anyone who has read Guy Spiers book on the Education of a value Investor the narrative flows as beautifully in this book as it does in his. For anyone who has not read Guy's book I strongly recommend you go on to reading it after reading Danielle's Invested: you will certainly be a better person for it. The principles of value investing go far wider than investing in stocks and can help educate you on multiple aspects of your life.

Overall a truly wonderful book to read and I must thank both Danielle and Phil for taking their time to educate individuals like myself.

- billy_wright

Habe mit diesem Buch einen Fehler gemacht (Schreibstil det Autorin sagt mir überhaupt nicht zu, liest sich sehr langatmig, gleiche Infos wie in Phil Town's Büchern) und ausserdem waren meine Erwartungen nachdem ich beide Bücher von Phil Town (Vater der Autorin) gelesen hatte auch dementsprechend hoch nd wurden leider auf (fast) ganzer Linie enttäuscht .... lieber den youtube-Kanal von R#1 anschauen, ist viel informativer und spannender!

- kaden_rodriguez

This book is unlike any other investing book I’ve read. It teaches sound strategies with tangible explanations of how to follow them. Danielle and Phil do a great job making these often scary seeming concepts more digestible for a new investor.

I’ve followed the podcast and struggled with its lack of focus when looking to recommend it to friends - this book is the perfect solution. It tells a great story of Danielle and her fathers relationship in a way that is truly relatable and helps take away the guilt and shame of not knowing the questions to ask or being afraid to ask them about how to invest.

This is a great book for anyone looking to learn about investing - even if they didn’t think they’d ever need to learn about it. The concepts still require work from the reader if they are truly new to business to be able to learn, but the book gives presents the path for the reader to walk along with Danielle on her journey. I highly recommend this book!

- eugene_wilson

What stood out for me was the common sense questions asked and answered in this book that a lay person is generally scared of asking. All the points mentioned here are pointing you what's really important in investing.

- analia_gomez

A beginner's guide to value investing with brilliant information wrapped in a lot of story about the writer's personal journey.

Could be condensed into 2-3 chapters of value investing knowledge, but the story around makes it hard to take concise notes and focus on the investing part.

Good start for someone who wants to read a story and take away some great value.

- jamie_ortiz

Buena introducción para gente que pueda tener miedo al mundo de la inversión en acciones,con un "paso a paso" muy cercano

- harley_johnson

I am very much enjoying the read. I can relate with Danielle's questioning and fears of investing and I love the honest banter between her and Phil. The information contained within is put forth in a way that increasing my understanding and appreciation of value investing. Thank you for writting this book.

- helen_moore

Love this, her journey and the info are amazing to read. I am now investing!!

- cohen_anderson

Great book! Well laid out instructions for understanding rule 1 Investing and also it’s impact on your finances and your life as a whole.

- addyson_campbell

This was probably one of the most readable investment books I have ever gotten. It has some really great advice for non-math people to get into investing

- irene_sanders

The book really helped me come to a better understanding of the process and steps to take before I buy anything on the market.
Thanks for the great read guys 🙄

- thea_morgan

Really well written book for a newbie as well as an advanced investor. Lot of good fundamental solutions to selecting a strong company which has a moat.

Well done danielle town and phil town

- caspian_ortiz

Just a fantastic book for entering the world of investing from start to finish. It go’s through the emotional part of learning which most other investing books forget about.

- zariyah_lewis

I will be referring back to this book for many years to come, the tools and calculations are just what I need making complicated things simple and available for the future

- kora_alvarez

This is such a good book.
I highly recommend it!

- mercy_peterson

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