IOS 13 USER'S GUIDE: The Ultimate Tips,Tricks & New Hidden Features to Master in the Latest Version of iOS 13 (2019 UPDATED)

IOS 13 USER'S GUIDE: The Ultimate Tips,Tricks & New Hidden Features to Master in the Latest Version of iOS 13 (2019 UPDATED)

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Good News!! Apple Introduced the Newest Version of iOS 13 for iPhone. We'll show you How to Enable and use the New Features!!

Apple, had released the update to iOS 13 for iPhone with many new Features. The update to iOS 13 brings a whole new look to the iPhone with Dark Mode, new ways to browse and edit photos, and an innovative new way to sign up for private apps and sites. Dark mode gives the entire user interface an excellent darker color scheme, perfect for low-light environments. You can set the Dark mode quickly from the control center, or you can set it to be automatically activated at night. In this user guide, you will find Tips, Tricks & New Hidden Features to Master in the Latest Version of iOS 13, and discover all its fascinating possibilities.Other things you will learn in this Book include :
  • About IOS 13 user guide
  • What is new in iOS13?
  • Compatible devices with iOS13
  • iOS 13 compatible iPhone
  • iOS 13 compatible iPad
  • iOS 13 compatible iPod
  • Update and installation
  • Downloading and installation of iOS13
  • Downloading and installation of iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad
  • Downloading and installation of iOS with iTunes
  • Creating backups on multiple platforms
  • Backup on iCloud
  • Backup with iTunes
  • Connectivity and controls
  • Device connectivity
  • Connect Wi-Fi in iOS 13 with a control center
  • Connect Bluetooth in iOS 13 with a control center
  • Shortcuts
  • Sharing music over air Pods
  • Swipe typing
  • Dark mode
  • Optimize
  • battery consumption
  • Dual Shock 4
  • Xbox One Controller
  • Block features
  • Deleting apps
  • Delete the app from the settings
  • Delete the app from App Store
  • Safari and settings
  • Switch site blocker
  • Contact settings
  • Add contact
  • Set accounts
  • Setting a profile picture in iMessages
  • Set up a profile picture
  • New emoji, Animoji, and Memoji
  • Dual-SIM support
  • Security setups
  • Security and passwords
  • Set the device passcode
  • Limit your Bluetooth connectivity
  • Setup unknown caller
  • Restrict location
  • Restrict find your device
  • Privacy check with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Signing in with Apple
  • Value-added assistance
  • Cycle tracking in Health
  • New gesture gallery
  • Using the Apple Maps
  • Customizing Memoji and Animoji
  • Setting up reminders and tasks
  • Explore more in Photos and Videos
  • Scanning and screenshots
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How to install and update with iOS 13?
  • What is Dark Mode?
  • How to enable Dark Mode manually?
  • What are the iOS 13 supported devices?
  • How to set a swipe keyboard?
  • What’s new in Find My App?
  • How to change the location setting?
  • And many more...

What this book will do for you? In every Chapter of this Manual, you will learn Tips and Tricks on how to enable the latest Features on your device !!!!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the orange “BUY NOW” button on the top right corner and download Now!!! You won’t regret you did

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