Is This Love

Is This Love

Posted by leeshkay | Published a year ago

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By: Bob Marley

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I had almost forgotten about this Album until I heard a few tracks being played on a Juke Box while visiting Monterrey Mexico a few weeks ago. Back home, I downloaded the whole Album and have been playing a it a lot as I drive to visit customers.
This is the real thing! You cannot get better Reggae than this and some of the tracks are probably the best Reggae ever recorded.
Bob Marley set a standard with his early work that others have got close to but never surpassed!
If you like Reggae, this is a must have!!!

- evelynn_green

Just what I needed. Immediately transported to a blissful place.

- aniya_young

Great I absolutely love the song

- junior_morales

Makes me want to go back to Jamacia

- bailee_chavez

Hard to beat some classic Bob Marley. I had no issues downloading.

- marley_rodriguez

Never get tired of listening to him

- esme_james

Nothing to dislike.....this album is true words of wisdom.

- avi_peterson

A classic tune. Timeless.

- myles_lopez

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