Jazz Moods - 'Round Midnight

Jazz Moods - 'Round Midnight

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By: Aretha Franklin

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I am very pleased with this product, the delivery was prompt and the product was just as advertised. I would recommend you to all my associates.

- maleah_morales

An early aretha's recordings. She shows a great vocal skills to sing jazz but she looses the strong way to feel and express the message's songs.

- dayton_adams

Aretha is a beautiful, strong, soulful performer - that much is well known all over the world.
However, although I like her very much, I'm primarily a jazz purist, so I expected a soul/pop rendition of jazz and pop standards (probably with strings), and was therefore happy to buy this as an inexpensive compilation of Aretha's early years.
If you are a true Aretha fan, this is not for you. No liner notes, scarce recording information, no pictures of the diva, no original artwork from the albums these songs were taken... Basically, this excellent music is shoddily packaged for us, casual fans of Aretha's singing.

This Columbia/Sony/Legacy company really doesn't show its material and its customers all the respect they deserve. I've listened to another from this Jazz Moods series (Louis Armstrong) and the package was basically the same. Cheap.

- arian_green

No doubt Aretha cut some great jazz, blues and pop sides for Columbia Records in the early sixties, before she went to Atlantic and became the Queen of Soul. BUT GIVE FANS LIKE ME A BREAK!!!! We want the entire Columbia Records albums re-released on cd, in their entirity, not the same rehashing of the same dozen or so tunes like the ones here. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE these songs, they are some of Aretha's best. But PLEASE stop releasing the same old same old with a different cover, or a different running order. SONY/COLUMBIA YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR CONSUMERS AND OF ARETHA'S FANS !!! Lets have "YEAH ! ARETHA LIVE WITH HER QUARTET" or "RUNNIN OUT OF FOOLS" re-released on cd, and other titles long deleted by Comlumbia Records.

- raphael_jackson

This collection is simply fantastic. Aretha Franklin has such skill at conveying sincere and powerful emotions through her singing, as this collection makes beautifully clear. This lady was gifted by God with an understanding of the language of music. Just put on the song "God Bless the Child" or any other track from this collection of classic jazz songs, and you'll hear some of the finest vocal performances in music history. Comforting, stirring, and commanding, this is as good as it gets.

- evelynn_green

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