Jeff Bezos: Amazon and the eBook Revolution (Titans of Fortune)

Jeff Bezos: Amazon and the eBook Revolution (Titans of Fortune)

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By: Daniel Alef

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New Enhanced Digital Edition Updated 2/10/11

Microsoft founder Bill Gates writes: "Genuine pioneers don't stop after just one discovery or innovation. They are driven to build on their accomplishments and to follow them into new frontiers." He was speaking about Jeff Bezos, the founder of which ushered in the brave new world of internet commerce; and the mind behind Kindle, the ebook platform that blazed the road for what has become the eBook Reformation or eBook Revolution, affecting, even transforming, publishers, authors and readers. As if that's not enough, Jeff has also ventured into a new frontier--space--forming Blue Origin, a company developing vehicles to transport mankind to man's last frontier. So Bill Gates is right, Jeff is "one of those insatiable pioneers of business and technology." Award-winning author Daniel Alef tells Jeff Bezos's amazing story, from his childhood years on his grandfather's ranch to the executive suites he now so well occupies. Jeff's story is not only informative and interesting, it is inspiring and thought provoking. This work includes a timeline, a list of biographical resources and video links. [7,505-word Titans of Fortune biographical profile]
I downloaded this e-book hoping it would have something insightful and thought-provoking to say about Jeff Bezos. I was pretty disappointed. The "book" is hardly long enough to be called a book. It isn't much more than biographical information you can find on the internet. I would recommend you try something else, or even just go to wikipedia. this isn't worth your time or your 2 dollars.

- alayna_ramirez

Nice story of Jeff Bezos, well researched, just the right length for the price, and great video links. What I like the most is the writing style, informative but not academic. I wish it was a bit longer, but at 7,500 words it told the Bezos story quite well. I like Alef's writing style so much that if it were longer I would have been willing to pay more and would have given it 5 stars.

- bjorn_evans

i have two at the one click checkout which drew me to daniels book. this quick read gave me all the info i needed..and at the end recaped his history and included links to further info...
dean santa barbara ca.

- alia_hill

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