John Grisham Books in Order: Theodore Boone series, Jake Brigance series, all short stories, standalone novels & nonfiction, plus, a John Grisham biography. (Series Order Book 7)

John Grisham Books in Order: Theodore Boone series, Jake Brigance series, all short stories, standalone novels & nonfiction, plus, a John Grisham biography. (Series Order Book 7)

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    John Grisham Books in Order
    2020 Edition

  • Looking for a reading list of all John Grisham’s books?
  • Need a checklist to find the books you’ve missed?
  • Confused by sequels and prequels or because series books aren’t numbered?
  • Want to read the books in the best order?
  • Struggling to keep up with new releases?
  • You aren’t alone. These are common problems we all have. But no more. Now, get this info exactly where you need it – on your ereader!

    John Grisham Books in Order is the most comprehensive bibliography and checklist available, plus it includes an author biography.

    What’s Included?

    • Theodore Boone series in order
    • Jake Brigance series in order
    • a complete list of short stories, standalone novels & nonfiction
    • plus, a John Grisham biography.
    By knowing the Theodore Boone book order, you’ll enjoy John Grisham’s books far more.

    Keep this ebook on your tablet, phone, computer, or ereader, so the info you need is always at your fingertips.

    “Can’t I just Google it?”

    This information has NOT simply been ‘copied and pasted’ from the first website to pop up, but has been meticulously curated from multiple sources and then compiled into the best reader-friendly format.

    You could Google it and find some info, yes, which you could then paste into Word, then buy software to convert that into an ebook, then manually load it onto your ereader…

    And save a measly $0.99!

    Isn’t your time worth more than that?

    Any Book In TWO CLICKS

    With this ebook, you can go directly to any John Grisham title in just two clicks. No typing. No searching. Just two clicks.

    All for $0.99!

    You’d be crazy to waste all that time doing all that work, and still have to search for every title manually, only to save less than a buck!

    Why is Series Order Important?

    Reading books in the right order is more fun because you’ll see:
    • characters developing naturally.
    • plot twists, which impact future stories, in the correct timeline.
    • new characters at the right moment.
    John Grisham Books in Order helps you to read the Theodore Boone books in order, just as John intended.

    No More Book Searches

    Everything is on your ereader, so no more problems with:
    • Misleading publication dates
    • Changed titles
    • Prequels and stories released out of sequence…

    Book Lists on Steroids!

    Each ebook in this series has Special Features which no other reading list has.

    #1 – Books In One Click

    Special links let you access every book the author has ever written in ONE CLICK!

    #2 – Best Story Order

    Whenever applicable, titles are listed by the publication date AND the best reading order, i.e., books, prequels, and short stories are specially arranged (often called chronological order).

    #3 – Award Star Ratings

    Rate any title right on your ereader.

    #4 – A Personal Checklist

    Track what you read to see where you are in a series.

    #5 – Author Bio

    A concise biography of your favorite author.

    #6 – Useful Info

    Where possible, info about page counts, movie adaptations, co-authors, etc., is included.

    #7 – Alternative Titles

    Never again buy a book you’ve already read, saving you time, money, and frustration.

    Exclusive Gift

    Grab a FREE bestselling thriller. Just click a link at the back of the book.


    This is a reference book to help you enjoy the author's work, NOT a collection of novels.

    So what are you waiting for? Get the best John Grisham book list available.

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