John Grisham Signed The Street Lawyer

John Grisham Signed The Street Lawyer

Posted by jack_miller | Published 5 months ago

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By: John Grisham

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- luka_hill

I'm reading this for my Sociology class. Its a
good book but it's not what I would pick out to read for fun.

- julius_scott

Another excellent Grisham book. I read it 20 years after it was published and it does not seem dated. Grisham seems formulaic yet he is a master of delivery. Entertaining and thought provoking. I am always curious at those reviews that comment about liberal bias. They would no doubt be the ones yelling "Get a job" to those living on the street. Homelessness is a huge social issue that needs hearts and minds meshing to find solutions.

- brycen_james

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