Karma with a Vengeance

Karma with a Vengeance

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By: Tash Hawthorne and Wahida Clark

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After her mother is brutally murdered by an abusive boyfriend, Karma Alonso-Walker decides to take matters into her own hands and avenge her mother's death...by any means necessary. While on her journey to vengeance, Karma falls in love with Money Parks, a Newark, New Jersey, police officer. As the relationship between the two grows, people and accounts from the lovers pasts come to light, forcing them to face unspoken truths. This timeless chronicle about a young woman's unyielding loyalty to her mother will open your eyes to the way life can be, even when the glass looks half empty. As Karma s life spirals out of control, her exploration leads her to self-preservation and true happiness...or does it? BE SURE TO READ THE SEQUEL KARMA: FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY
I liked this book overall, however it was a little slow in the beginning but I refused to put it down. The relationship between mother and daughter was nice to read for a change. Can't wait to read the sequal I would like to know what happens to Money and Karma.

- gia_johnson

The pages were all wrinkled

- dayana_reyes

it was a gift and was enjoyed

- allyson_hughes

As an only child, 27 year-old Karma Alfonzo-Walker is very close to her parents especially her mother Soleil. Her parents have been separated for some years now since her father Lorenzo keeps his family second to his Military career. Soleil has had enough. And until Lorenzo decides to make her first priority, they will stay apart. Until then Soleil, a beauty in her own right has been keeping company with Jimmy, much to her daughter's Karma disgust. To say Karma didn't like Jimmy would be an understatement...she can't stand him! But with respect to her mother she tolerates him hoping one day Soleil would come to her senses and leave Jimmy behind. Karma is upset with her dad and wishes he would retire from the Military and come back home. She knows deep in their hearts her parents still loved each other and that Jimmy would not be apart of her mother's life if her dad was around.

But tragedy strikes leaving Soleil dead and Karma feeling like the police aren't doing enough to find her mother's killer. Indigo, Karma's cousin and a police officer is none to happy when Karma expresses her need to avenge her mother's murder and take things into her own hands. While Karma maybe putting herself in danger to find her mother killer; she also finds love with police officer Money, Indigo's partner. As her plans for revenge start to take shape and her relationship with Money becomes intense, revelations from the past begin to surface throwing a disturbing light on Karma's new relationship.

I predicted one event prior to it happening, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this story. As I kept reading nothing prepared me for the in depth back ground information on Soleil and Karma told by the author's timely steps back into their past. I was astonished, at the repercussions of Soleil's abuse that trickled down to Karma paying the price, and I felt the author did a good job developing the love between mother and daughter.

Yes, Karma with a Vengeance is an excellent title for this recommended read. I like the characters enough to want to read the sequel, so I'll wait and see what author Tash Hawthorne has in store for us.

This star rating is based on the story alone, as I read an uncorrected proof copy of the book.

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Star Rating 4.0

- danny_brown

This was s realty good story I just finished now I'm hoping to find a part 2 how will money react when he finds out Karma killed his father

- aria_martin

I truly enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. It was great. I can't wait for part two to come out.

- rosalyn_williams

Omg was really good, can't wait for part 2

- azariah_ross

What a wonderful read! Highly recommended to all, especially NJ natives. Thorough character description and development, exciting and entertaining storyline and also references many NJ locations that residents will be all to familiar with! Beautifully written!

- raylee_watson

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