Kilrone: A Novel

Kilrone: A Novel

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By: Louis L'Amour

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When Major Frank Paddock and Barnes Kilrone were dashing young officers in Paris, they both fell in love with the same woman. But now they are men in exile in one of the harshest territories of the American West. It is against this inhospitable backdrop, where survival itself is a day-to-day struggle, that Paddock makes a fateful decision that will plunge both men into a headlong battle for their lives and the lives they’re sworn to protect. As Paddock leads his company of soldiers in pursuit of a Bannock war party, Kilrone is left behind to guard the post’s women and children. And before the day is over, one of them, outnumbered and outgunned, will be trapped in a fight to the finish.…
I"m a big L'Amour fan and have read all of his novels, and some of his short stories, multiple times. He has a formula and it works. Most of his stories are predictable but he always manages to make them interesting. It's not, "how is it going to end," it is more like, how is he going to get us to the end.

- israel_wright

Good read. Action novel that is like many other 'LL books. I enjoy the uncluttered flow of his stories. Recommended

- bennett_thompson

in 1968 I was overseas for the US ARMY and broke, went as a last resort to the library, set down and picked up a paper back book, to this day I cannot tell you which book, but it was a western by Louis L'Amour and I read it from cover to cover and I have not stopped reading since then to today.

- willa_turner

Its a Lamore western, theres no better western writer

- nasir_hernandez

It's a classic tale a lone rider, who has a past, enters an Army Post in the 1860's A serious problem or two await him, and little by little he works out solutions that work. I enjoyed it, and if you like Westerns, this is one you should read! Louis L'Amour had the gift of making his characters come alive. I enjoy many of his books and short stories.

- karter_reed

I haven't finished with this book, but for starters it is the least well developed of any of the L'aMour stories I have read. I've been fairly disappointed to this point, and if this were the first L'aMour i read I probably would not read another. Fortunately I have read many and know that he is an interesting and enjoyable author.

- sienna_perez

Great personal reading

- collin_adams

This is a typically western story - framed around forts, Indians, Cavalry, etc. It is an excellent book as are the majority of Louis
L'Amour's books. His main character in this book (Kilrone) is a very dynamic individual and very smart in the knowledge of the
nature of Indians which works to his advantage in protecting the fort & all the individuals left there to battle the Indians. This book
is a page turner and keeps you on the edge of your seat & I highly recommend it!!!

- shawn_gray

I think this is about the best story I have read of L'Amour's westerns. Action all the time. Kept thinking how Audy Murphy would be ideal in the title told. The fight description between the hero and worst villain at the end is wonderfully described blow for blow as only L'Amour can do it. I was sorry to put it down at the finish. . Very much an enjoyable Western.

- holden_adams

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