Kneel to the Rising Sun

Kneel to the Rising Sun

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By: Erskine Caldwell

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One of 300 numbered copies signed by Caldwell on a special page at the beginning of the book.
Why only four stars for an author whose literary opus I’ve spent over two years reading? The truth is, my original intent was to award three stars—until, that is I got to “Slow Death,” “Masses of Men” and the title story, “Kneel to the Rising Sun.”

The first fourteen stories were quite mediocre; the last three, vintage Caldwell. Would I recommend the entire collection on that basis? Absolutely! There’s nobody who can reveal life in America (for millions of people, even if not for everyone) like Caldwell! And his America is something the rest of the world needs to know about.

We may indeed be the wealthiest nation on earth. But truth be told: that wealth is not shared by all of us. Reading Caldwell reminds me sometimes about my student days in Switzerland. A beautiful country, yes, and very wealthy. But travel up into the Alps sometime if you want to discover Switzerland’s poverty and villages full of incestuous history. It’s really no different from Erskine Caldwell’s deep South – or Caldwell’s Maine.

Brooklyn, NY

- merrick_harris

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