KUYIGO Mens Long and Short Sleeve Henleys T-Shirts Buttons Placket Plain Summer Cotton Shirts

KUYIGO Mens Long and Short Sleeve Henleys T-Shirts Buttons Placket Plain Summer Cotton Shirts

Posted by belasarbanna | Published 10 months ago

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I usually wear a large in most t-shirts I don't know about this, so I went with large and they fit very well. Henley Tee have replaced most of my t-shirts, which gives it something extra I think. So that gives it a more flattering look in my opinion. Got these in every color and they don't disappoint.

- melania_robinson

Great fit, soft and light great for the summer or tropics.Cool shirt for summer, thin-suitable for hot days,pretty much the model, pretty cute,I'm 6' - 200lbs with a fit body and broad shoulders. It's amazing! Perfect value for money. Very thin and soft material. To the body is very nice. Very decent goods. I'll take a couple more, I really like these shirts.

- celia_cruz

I spent a few hours to look a different style in my wardrobe and this item caught my eyes so I decided to order it , and this shirts arrived a few days , I took the package and try it , At that time ,the shirts is not bad , the quality is as my expected, the threads do not stick out, there is no smell. Fabric,, knitwear,very soft .. the main thing with the size to get .. I have everything successfully turned out,which of course surprised and pleased,think it's good for summer weather.by the way I’m 5’6 and weight 195

- brenden_ruiz

I purchased an for my husband who is 6'4, 200 lb. I was hoping it would be long enough and it fit perfectly. It was not too tight and had some give. I might have been able to get away with a large but I don't know if it would have made a difference in the length. Also have to allow for shrinkage so I think the XL was perfect. The material is soft and lightweight and it is very well made.

- barrett_king

I initially liked this shirt. However, I have to complain about the design, even though it is just a small piece of it. I had to throw it away because it became a piece of junk. It is very uncomfortable when you have a shirt on and the label from the shirt scratching the back your neck all the time. I tried to take it off but the quality of the sewing was too good to take the label off without damaging the shirt. I wonder who designed this or made this decision. How does your brain work?

- randy_cook

The short sleeve shirts can wear year all around, as for this Henley with unique design is a good made,these were exactly what I was looking for thanks.

- jonathan_diaz

I don't write as many reviews as i should, but this pissed me enough to do so. These sewed on tags are insanely irritating. They sew them through the other side of the shirt, so if you cut them off, you'll have holes in the backs of your shirt. And you will not be able to wear them without them bothering you. Upsetting and totally avoidable.

- myles_lopez

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