Laced: A Regan Reilly Mystery

Laced: A Regan Reilly Mystery

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By: Carol Higgins Clark

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A haunted Irish castle, international jewel thieves, and a hotel fire—New York Times bestselling author Carol Higgins Clark has sent Regan and Jack Reilly on a honeymoon like no other.

Private Investigator Regan Reilly and her new husband Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, are off to Ireland. But their very first night at romantic Hennessy Castle is interrupted by a fire alarm that distracts hotel employees from the theft of a valuable antique lace tablecloth from the castle’s memorabilia room.

A taunting note is left by the culprits—a notorious pair of jewel thieves whom Jack has been pursuing for over a year. Disguised as an elderly couple, they had checked out in the midst of the mayhem. Regan’s cousin Gerard Reilly, a Galway resident, is eager to help with the hunt, but their search takes as many twists and turns as the winding country roads of the Emerald Isle.

With Carol Higgins Clark’s unique talent for creating quirky characters, this is a classic caper that will keep you laughing, turning pages, and maybe even believing in ghosts.
I really loved this mystery. Regan is a private investigator and Jack is the head of the major case squad in New York City. They're on their honeymoon in Ireland where suspected jewel thieves stole an ancient Celtic treasure. Then, they left Jack a note meant to taunt him. But, instead, Jack and Regan are determined to find their quarry. What does a ghost and seven paintings have to do with it? You're going to have to read this book to find out!

- melania_robinson

I bought this book for the reason that Carol was the daughter of Mary Higgins Clarke, the well known mystery writer, but discovered that Carol is right up there her Mother as a great writer in her own right! I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of intrigue set in Ireland with a honeymooning couple, complete with thieves, art collectors, a castle with a "ghost". With a multitude of suspects throughout the book, it kept my attention to the end. Also being of Scotch-Irish descent, I enjoyed the striking descriptions of my forebears country without the expense of going there! Will be ordering more of Carol's books.

- carolina_flores

As most of her books , this is a light, fun and an easy read. I always compare her books, as well as her mother's, (Mary Higgins Clark) to a Nancy Drew novel for grownups. Purchased it because I was heading for Ireland and thought it would be enjoyable to hear a mystery taking place in one of their many "haunted castles". If you're not familiar with her books and your looking for a dramatic or intense mystery, this is not for you.

- braxton_moore

Haven't read this one yet, but will do so shortly. Read all her other books about this main character. Love it. Loved the storyline, the characters and it is done in an easy, fast paced read. Good writing. Loved her other books.

- kareem_smith

I will start by saying I don't think I could write a book anywhere near this good. But now I will say Carol Higgins Clark doesn't write nearly as good as her mother Mary.

- hattie_richardson

This was the first book by the author Carol Higgins Clark that I read. I was curious because it was about Ireland and would have loved to learn more about that country. The book was great; very interesting. I especially loved the two main characters. I have also read Hitched and have received all her other books in this series. I highly recommend any of her books. I think she really writes in such an interesting way that you do not get bored at all.

- holden_adams

This was the first book I've read by Carol Higgins Clark. I'll gladly read more. Interesting characters, lots of funny quirky dialogue, mystery and romance all rolled into one enjoyable story! It was a treat to read a book without terrible violence or overly descriptive sex scenes. An enjoyable fun read, I'll be getting more of her stories!

- zendaya_foster

I have enjoyed all her books. This one in particular was enjoyable as our author wove the many clues and people together. The fact that it all takes place in Ireland, the homeland of our heroin's ancestors, added lots of interesting personalities. All this while she is on her honeymoon.

- casey_thomas

Very good book I recommend people to buy this It's part of a very good series

- maverick_james

I enjoy everything Carol Higgans Clark writes such easy reading great reads when you want to relax .

Enjoyed evey much

- nova_patel

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