Le Petit Nicolas (French Edition) (Folio)

Le Petit Nicolas (French Edition) (Folio)

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By: René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé

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Told from the perspective of a young French boy, this collection of charming stories--presented in French--isn't just for young readers. It doubles as an entertaining primer for anyone who is studying the French language.
This book is a collection of short stories involving a mischievous little kid living in France. The stories are funny, short and captivating and the illustrations are simple, yet great.

I read a lot of fiction in French, and don't like English translations. Something is often lost in the translation. I recommend this book for French readers because there is no English and if you have a general understanding of French you will realize you know more than you think from books like these. Read the book, and have fun.

The characters are funny, and charming and the book revolves around Nicholas and his antics with his peers. Each story is about 5-7 pages long. It will make you laugh and think about being a kid again.

- malakai_sanders

These are engaging and humorous stories in French guaranteed to improve your French translation skills and perhaps even speaking skills. Nicholas is a hoot. The stories are short. This is a small book, but 150 pages long. Each story is about 6 pages long and has some illustrations. These would be great for the classroom. So there's about 25 stories in here.

- mira_reed

These books were generously purchased for me for my classroom. The first day I set them out, multiple students came up to me complaining that pages were falling out. I grabbed a copy for myself and sure enough, when I turned to the first page, an entire section fell out. The copies I received were very poorly bound and I had to quickly retire most of them from my library. I'll be looking for a good way to fix them, but in the meantime I would not recommend you purchase them here.

- cason_williams

If you haven't read Le Petit Nicolas in French, you're probably not French. That being said, if you are French, I encourage you to hurry up and read this classic book. Because it's so funny! That's a good reason. And if you're not French, but would like to learn conversational French with a bit of slang thrown in, Le Petit Nicolas will not disappoint. I use this to teach French conversation and my students love it and so will you.

- oakley_kelly

It would be hard to overstate the charm of these wonderful stories. Like many others, I picked up this book to help with my project of trying to teach myself French. Not only does it serve that purpose, but it is so engaging that it has held me on course when the inherent difficulty of the language and some cross-cultural exasperation has tempted me to chuck the whole project. No way could I ever write this little dude and his copains out of my life.

Although hilarious, the Nicolas stories also touch you in a much deeper place. He is a little boy full of life and good humor, but he and his friends are also filled with every possible anxiety about growing up and finding their manly places in the world. They are charmingly obsessed with their status and their dignity.

One of my favorite stories is "Louisette," which recounts the visit of a young girl who comes with her mother for tea. Nicolas is pouty from the beginning as his mother dresses him up, in his view, like a clown. And maman assures him that if he doesn't show that he is well raised, he will have an affair with her!

Although Nicolas is always filled with explanations that burst forth in run-on sentences, this traumatic visit brings him close to tears more than once. In Nicolas's world, not crying is one of the main imperatives. Another is assuming a male's naturally dominant [irony] and superior role over young girls, who, after all, cry all the time.

Louisette starts off telling Nicolas that he looks like a monkey and things go downhill from there. She is so much more quick-witted, not to mention athletic, that she repeatedly leaps ahead and distracts him just when he is deciding whether to give her a punch in the nose or to pull her hair. And it is Louisette who is landing all the successful coups on Nicolas. Meanwhile, Louisette is always batting her eyelashes at the mamans and impressing them with what an adorable innocent she is!

As with the "Louisette" story of a young boy having to deal with a very formidable young girl who does not fit into his template defining his superior place in the world, all these stories are filled with such very real anxieties of male childhood. Let me say again, though, they are very, very funny! You love this kid.

How easy/difficult is this book for a student of French. My feeling is that previous reviews have made it seem a little easier than it is. There are definitely difficult bits such as when Nicolas is playing cowboys and describes all the various cowboy accoutrements that he and his friends have hung on themselves. Often, too, sentences are very run-on, mimicking Nicolas's overflowing emotions and self-justifications. And the mannerisms of his speech are realistic and more difficult than the dry dialogue of textbooks. But this is worth a little difficulty - I just want to caution against expecting a child's book to be extremely easy. It is manageable, but not in the first few weeks of studying French.

I also have a two-CD set of these stories read in French which I ordered from Amazon.fr. The CD set is a dramatic reading and it is an absolute delight. But it is considerably more difficult than the book. Those run-on sentences are read in rapid bursts, as intended. The reading wonderfully captures the charm of the book but definitely does not make it any easier.

My only exasperation with the Nicolas books is that I can not share them with my English-only friends. They touched me so much and made me laugh so hard. I hope I have inspired someone here.

- asa_hughes

I purchased this book for one of my french classes in University. After one semester I was able to start making my way through it, though very slowly. It is obviously a children's book, but I found the situations and characters fun. I never ended up finishing it, but this book was an important step in my French learning adventure.

- yousef_thompson

Le Petit Nicolas is a funny, laugh-out-loud story about the escapades and adventures of Nicolas and his family and friends. I would put this book at the upper intermediate level for French language learners. Lots of opportunities to learn new vocabulary- I kept my dictionary handy. I recommend it!

- westin_hill

J'adore Le petit Nicolas. Du point de vue d'un petit garçon, on voit ses perceptions du monde et sa manière enfantine d'interpreter les adultes. C'est génial, un bouquin que j'ai lu il y a très longtemps quand j'apprenais le français. Les illustrations de Sempé saisissent parfaitement le monde selon Nicolas.

- zaria_ramos


- stefan_roberts

Goscinny (do Asterix) é um dos autores! E vem com o mesmo estilo - as boas sacadas e percepções, na vida de um garotinho em fase escolar e suas experiências com os coleguinhas, professores e pais. Sempé é o responsável pelas pequenas ilustrações em preto e branco que aparecem pelo livro - muito agradáveis. Tenho um conhecimento básico do francês, mas consegui ler sem grandes problemas.

- carly_diaz

Muito bom para quem está no francês 1.01. Ajuda muito e a história é ótima.

- maxim_morgan

Le livre a été acheté pour le collège, les caractères sont assez gros pour une lecture agréable et son petit format est très bien en revanche il est fragile... au bout de trois semaines les premières pages se sont arrachées de la base du livre mais Amazon a procédé à l’envoi d’un nouveau livre immédiatement bravo au service après vente.

- london_jackson

Alles super. Inhalt, wie erwartet, schnelle Lieferung. Gerne wieder und kann es auch weiter empfehlen.

- waylon_morris

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