Leadership Roles and Management - Learn How to Rise Up to the Leadership Challenge ((Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama))

Leadership Roles and Management - Learn How to Rise Up to the Leadership Challenge ((Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama))

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By: Marianne B. Anthony

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Leadership Roles and Management - Learn How to Rise Up to the Leadership Challenge

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Do you see the need for leadership in your home or business, but not sure of how to implement it effectively?

Are you curious about your leadership style and what you can do to improve your communication and motivation?

Do you doubt your abilities as a leader?

Look no further—here is the guide for you! We have these answers plus much, much more!

Join us on the journey of discovering your leadership style as we work together to pinpoint what exactly it takes to make a good leader!

The ability is within YOU it’s time to bring it to life!

It’s time for you to tap into your true potential and start being the leader that you truly are. No more room for excuses or putting it off for another day


Your workplace and home life alike can run much more smoothly once true leadership becomes a part of your ultimate goal.

The results will be TRUE success, OVERWHELMING joy, and AWESOME results!

This guide will help you to:

• Gauge your leadership style

• Discuss what it means to be a TERRIFIC Leader

• How to become and INSPIRED leader

• See the results in your personal and professional life

With solid leadership in your life you will be able to get the results you have always wanted! You can take your abilities to the next level by discovering more about yourself and the impact that you already have and will continue to have on those around you. Don’t hesitate—this is your chance to become the very best leader that you can be!

Join us as we take the first step to discovering your potential and enhancing your abilities! You CAN be the leader that you have always wanted! Your life WILL be filled with satisfaction and happiness and you work toward your ultimate goals. There is no time like the present to begin your journey of being an AWESOME leader in your home and business! If you want to enhance your life fully—this is the book for you! You can create the life of your dreams by incorporating leadership to create an INSPIRED and FULL life!

Don’t hesitate a moment longer—your abilities are there—let’s bring them to the surface together!

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John C. Maxwell has said, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
We all want to become a leader but do not know the way to become a good leader. In this book author has mentioned the reasons for becoming a leader and types of leader. First, you have to know why you want to become a leader then only you can achieve your goal. It will boost the confidence to develop leadership skills in your personality. Must read this book.

- kimberly_murphy

This book has some good info. on the key elements of leadership. For me, decision-making and taking ACTION are big ones. I'm learning how to incorporate these into my life... and not just *think* about it but actually do it! (I appreciate how the author reaches out to the readers for life coaching support by including her personal email address. Nice touch!)

- kaliyah_price

At first I thought this book would only serve me for the leadership position I convey as an airline pilot. However, as I read this book I came to realize that true leadership comes not only in the form of work and career, but in my family, community and my own life. There were such valuable insights in this easy-to-read booklet that I know I will reference it again and again. I appreciate the author taking the time to consider the multi-faceted leadership skills. Must read for anyone looking to improve and get an edge in the paths of career, family and relationships.

- lawrence_myers

This book was so inspiring! It provides a quick, easy read with plenty of interesting information about leadership and encouraging words to improve your leadership skills. Highly recommended!

- amos_brown

After reading this book, I have heard about this from other leadership books. It was an ok book to read.

- delaney_roberts

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