Learn programming python like a wizard: The Most Fun Python Course for Beginners

Learn programming python like a wizard: The Most Fun Python Course for Beginners

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How to learn Python programming the fun and easy way, even if you’re a complete noob. 

What are variables, and how do they work? 

How can you tell the difference between data types? 

And why the heck are there “libraries” in the computer world, and what are they used for?

There’s a lot of new jargon to learn when it comes to programming, not to mention the skills that go into applying that jargon. 

This can put a lot of would-be programmers off, but with Python, all your worries become a thing of the past. 

Python has been hailed as one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages, and for good reason. The syntax is familiar, the community is vast, and the applications are endless.

Learn Programming Python Like a Wizard takes you from installation to application using simple to understand instructions and comprehensive examples. 

By the end of the book, not only will you know the fundamentals, you’ll also have tried your hand at building a game of your very own!

In addition, you’ll discover: 

  • Why coding is an important skill that can not only help you in the job market, but can teach you problem-solving and logical thinking 

  • How to install Python on Windows, Linux, and Mac

  • The basics of Python including variables, conditionals, functions, and more

  • What Object-Oriented Programming is and why Python utilizes it

  • How to build your very own game using the Python skills taught in this book

And much, much more!

Despite what you might think, coding isn’t hard. It isn’t reserved for mega-geniuses, and it definitely isn’t boring.

It’s a way to manipulate the digital world to create something brand new and extraordinary. And it’s waiting for you to have your turn. 

If you’re ready to start programming and take your skills out into the world, click “add to cart.”

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