Learning Python by Building Games: A beginner's guide to Python programming and game development

Learning Python by Building Games: A beginner's guide to Python programming and game development

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By: Sachin Kafle

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Explore modern game development and programming techniques to build games using Python and its popular libraries such as Pygame and PyOpenGL

Key Features

  • Learn game development and Python through a practical, example-driven approach
  • Discover a variety of game development techniques to build games that gradually increase in complexity
  • Leverage popular Python gaming libraries such as Pygame, PyOpenGL, Pymunk, and Pyglet

Book Description

A fun and interactive way to get started with the Python language and its libraries is by getting hands-on with game development.

Learning Python by Building Games brings you the best of both worlds. The book will first introduce you to Python fundamentals, which you will then use to develop a basic game. You’ll gradually explore the different Python libraries best suited for game development such as Pygame, Pyglet, and PyOpenGL. From building game characters through to using 3D animation techniques, you’ll discover how to create an aesthetic game environment. In addition to this, you’ll focus on game physics to give your effects a realistic feel, complete with movements and collisions. The book will also cover how you can use particle systems to simulate phenomena such as an explosion or smoke. In later chapters, you will gain insights into object-oriented programming by modifying a snake game, along with exploring GUI programming to build a user interface with Python’s turtle module.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with Python programming concepts and popular libraries, and have the confidence to build your own games

What you will learn

  • Explore core Python concepts by understanding Python libraries
  • Build your first 2D game using Python scripting
  • Understand concepts such as decorators and properties in the Python ecosystem
  • Create animations and movements by building a Flappy Bird-like game
  • Design game objects and characters using Pygame, PyOpenGL, and Pymunk
  • Add intelligence to your gameplay by incorporating game artificial intelligence (AI) techniques using Python

Who this book is for

If you are completely new to Python or game programming and want to develop your programming skills, then this book is for you. The book also acts as a refresher for those who already have experience of using Python and want to learn how to build exciting games.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting to know Python: Setup Python, Setup Python Editor
  2. Make Your First Game By Learning Fundamentals of Python
  3. Flow Control: Build Decision Maker For Your Game
  4. Data Structures and Methods: Refine Your Game with the Taste of AI
  5. Learn Curses By Building Snake Game
  6. Learn Object Oriented Programming Modifying Snake Game
  7. List Comprehensions and Properties
  8. Turtle Class-Drawing to the Screen
  9. Data Model Implementation
  10. Upgrade Snake Game with Turtle
  11. Outdo Turtle: Snake Game UI with Pygame
  12. Learn Character Animation, Collision and Movement By Building Flappy Bird Game
  13. Coding Tetris Game with Pygame and Python Essentials
  14. Getting to Know PyopenGL
  15. Getting to Know Pymunk Building Angry Bird Game
  16. Learn Game AI Building a Bot to Play Our Snake Game

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